Stencils are a great way to spice up any wall. Stencils are a great way to get creative, ensure you won`t have a messy outcome, and to have the satisfaction of doing something yourself. There are many types of stencils you can get ideas from, the only limitation is your imagination. Here are a few stencil designs and ideas to get you started thinking about how you want to give life to that wall!

Get Natural

Nature stencils are a wonderful way to bring a little life into any room. Stencils layouts that are plant life and flowers are a great way to bing a little natural zen into any space. There are multiple layouts online to purchase that can give you the feeling you want. Whether it is a large scale floral design to add sweet softness or a bit of aspen tree pattern to bring the woods home, it is sure to breathe new life into any space!

Accent What’s There

Some stencils are great for accenting what is already in the room. If you are proud of a particular wall pice such as a mirror or light fixture., bring even more attention on it with a beautiful stencil centering the eye upon your prized piece. These stencils can create eye-catching borders, murals, or other designs at your discretion to truly accent that features piece and ut your guests in awe.

Get Large

Large stencils can be so much fun to liven up any wall. A drab kitchen wall could use some refreshment by bringing in some fun fruit shapes, utensils, or others. A children’s room wall is perfect for a stencil of their favorite character from a tv show. A large stencil can be a great way to bring some character into any space.

Tiling Done Simple

Are you having difficulty choosing the perfect tile for your kitchen or bathroom? Stencils now have the option of choosing a design that is perfect to layer over any tile. Choose a simple base tile and then search online for the perfect stencil. Choose your desired color combinations and get to painting the tile you have always dreamed of.

Stencil How-To

Now that you have narrowed down a few ideas for what stencil styles you would like to pursue, its time to prepare for your stenciling. Begin by gathering the following materials to ensure a clean and thorough job.

  • A brush, dabber, or roller depending on the detail of the stencil
  • Painters tape to allow clean sides
  • The paint of your choice, get fun with colors here
  • Paint tray to customize and blend colors as needed
  • Paint towels or rags to wipe hands and stay clean
  • A stabilizer to keep the stencil level as you paint


It is also important to consider the texture you’re working on and that you properly prep the surface you will be painting on. You`ll want to smooth down any rough surface you will be working on. This also means cleaning the surface free of grime dirt and smudges to ensure a lasting and perfect paint job. If dirt and grime are present the paint is likely to peel and bubble. A simple soap and water mixture with a sponge will do, be sure to use soft circular motions. Wipe with a damp towel after to clean of soap and let dry before stenciling.

Begin Stenciling

  • Tape or adhesive spray: Be sure to tape down the stencil, or use adhesive spray, to keep it in place and ensure it does not move and disrupt the design. This part is essential to keeping a clean sleek design.
  • Remove paint excess with every dip: be sure to remove the excess of paint on the brush before beginning, without this the paint could bleed and ruin the design.
  • Apply: Apply paint to the edges of the stencil and work in for the best result, be sure to take your time here on the details of the stencil.
  • Let dry: Let your stencil completely dry, and lift your stencil to see the beautiful outcome!
  • Touching up: Don’t worry if it needs some touch-ups, once that stencil is taken off it may, just use a small brush and make those touch-ups.

At Arizona Painting Company we can offer you the clean fresh base you’re looking for to make those stencil designs stand out. Our professional painters are the perfect start to your stencil dreams, contact us today for our residential painting surfaces.