5 Unique Uses for Painter's Tape

Painter’s tape can be used in some truly incredible projects that span every room in your home, and your backyard, too! It’s easy to handle and work with. Heck, even that blue color starts to grow on you after a while.

So step aside, lesser tapes! Here are five fantastic projects you can make this weekend with your new best friend: painter’s tape.

Projector Screen

Yes, you can have your very own home movie theater. It’s easy to install, and it’ll make your family room far more inviting. Come on, how often do you really use that stationary bike that’s taking up half the floor in there, anyway? The painter’s tape will help you create a high-contrast border around the coat of screen paint, so the colors on your projected image will have some serious pop.

Glazed Stone Blocks

Rejuvenate your kitchen with a charming texture straight out of a mid-century European cottage. Paint the walls behind the counters and cabinets to look like glazed stone blocks. Your roll of painter’s tape will help you create authentic-looking grout lines between the ‘tiles.’

Diamond Pattern

This look is classy and modern. A two-toned diamond pattern lends flair to any room, but you’ll sure need a lot of painter’s tape to keep all those edges straight.

Checkerboard Chair Rail

A chair rail is a fun accent to a study or home office, and it doesn’t even require a lot of paint. If you find yourself in a bad mood every time you sit down at your desk to finish some paperwork, a chair rail can help keep things light.

Striped Pillow

Painter’s tape can be used on more than just your walls! Using painter’s tape, bleach, and dye, you can create a very cool striped effect on any pillow.

Written by Emerson Hardebeck

Arizona Painting Company