The Importance of Powerwashing

Several times per week we are called out to Phoenix and Scottsdale homes to repaint because the previous company skipped the power washing stage, and as a result, paint is peeling down to the previous layer. Here is a perfect example of a job we saw last week that had peeling due to not power washing. You can see how the tan colored paint is not sticking to the previous layer because it was dirty and chalky.

At a minimum a 2500 psi pressure washer should be used, this will give the water and/or cleaning agent enough force to clean off any surface including metal, wood, stucco, concrete, metal, and vinyl. Experienced painting contractors will be able to prevent markings or surface damage which can be caused by too much pressure applied at the wrong angle. The idea is to get the surface clean, without damaging it.

As one of the largest Phoenix and Scottsdale painters, here are some of the more common issues we come across here – all perfect examples of why pressure washing is so important.


We powerwashed this Scottsdale house last week.   The dust isn’t visible until you start cleaning, then once we start cleaning it just comes right off. Can you believe some companies actually paint over this?

Mold or Mildew:

Usually seen near or on the foundation. Most of the time this is caused by drip systems or sprinklers, his is easily removed by pressure washing.

Chalking Paint:

This is a very common problem we come across when painting Scottsdale or Phoenix homes. Chalking paint is basically the paint breaking down after years of abuse from the sun. It’s a great way to actually tell if you need painting, run your fingers on your stucco, if you see ANY of this starting it’s time to paint. Homes that have severe chalking actually need to be pressure washed several times, the clean water from the pressure wand will actually wash off the home and look as white as milk. If it’s this extreme we typically use a primer called SEAL-KRET to ensure our new paint will not peel in the future.

Peeling Paint:

Many homes will have peeling paint on the stucco or wood. Pressure washing will literally blow these loose paint chips off the home, however it will not get them all off, we will need to scrape and sand too. The removed chips can easily be cleaned up after the ground dries.

Stains are a difficult thing to try and power was away.   Most of the time these are permanent on the surface and cannot be fully removed by power washing. As long as we clean the areas it will ensure a proper paint surface and the paint will adhere, covering the stain permanently. You will usually see stains by A/C drip lines, along the foundation (caused by the dirt) and on gutters. Do not be concerned, as long as it was gone over with the pressure washer the paint will not peel.

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