How to Paint an Ombre Wall

Ready for your Ombre Wall? Let’s get started!

Apply a base coat (or two):

Apply two base coats of white paint. These coats will help your colors blend smoothly also, for some projects, you may want the white to show up as a layer, especially if you’re only using one other color.

Make sections:

Use a pencil to divide the work area into even sections that correspond to the colors of paint you plan to apply. If you’re using two colors, you’ll divide the work area in half; if you’re using many more colors, your sections will be smaller.

Arrange your paints:

Lay out the jars in the order you’ll be applying the colors. Consider pouring the paint into small plastic tubs for easier access. Either way, remember to stir the paints before using them.

Apply color:

You can use a paint roller or a brushing technique the same way. Just apply paint along the sections you’ve already outlined. Don’t let it overlap, yet.


Here’s the trickiest part. One way to blend the borders between colors is to position your brush directly over the spot where two adjoining paint cans touch, then dip it in, so that half the bristles are covered with one color, and half with the other. Once you’ve loaded the brush with both colors, go over the border a few times without worrying about being messy. Another way to smooth out the borders is to use a sponge. Sometimes, honestly, it’s best to combine both of these techniques.

Host a huge party so everyone can see your new wall:

Hey, you’re done! Invite a bunch of friends over! Celebrate in front of your beautifully colored accent wall!

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