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Why You Should Paint Your Garage Floor

Your garage floor is most likely the most neglected and abused surface of your home. The years of parking the car, storing holiday decorations, and spilling cleaning chemicals all add up and your floor accumulates all sorts of stains and dirt. But have no fear, an easy way to refresh your garage floor is to paint a fresh coat of durable paint. It may not sound like the solution, but a simple layer of paint can do wonders for keeping your garage clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

Best Paints for Garage Floors

When it comes to covering your cement floors, there are a few different options as to which paint type you can choose. Each paint type has different pros and cons, so it is critical to know which one is best for your particular paint project.

Latex acrylic

Latex acrylic is a great option and the price is right. This is the least expensive option; however, it provides a minimal amount of protection. Latex acrylic paints typically come in a wide variety of colors and are mildew, water, and mold resistant. This option may be good for some garages but not ideal for others depending on the cars going in them. Garages that are housing cars with more acidic solutions would not be a candidate for this paint type.

1-Part epoxy

This is a more expensive option, but you definitely get your money’s worth. 1-Part epoxy is resistant to mold, water, and mildew making it a great choice for the garage. It can also come with certain features for design purposes and anti-slip qualities. This ultimately makes your garage better looking and safer. The last thing you want is someone falling in your garage due to wet, slippery floors. 1-Part epoxy is much more resistant to car discharge and heavy traffic over the years. This means the paint will protect the floor and stains won’t be absorbed and formed.

2-Part epoxy

2-Part Epoxy is typically more expensive than 1-Part but the cost can be worth it because it comes with higher durability.

No matter what paint option you decide to go with, you won’t regret it once you see the positive impact painting your garage floor can have on everything. Covering the cement with a fresh coat of paint is an affordable investment you’ll want to make and here is why:

Keep Your Garage Cleaner

Painting your garage floor with high-quality epoxy paint will make cleaning it significantly easier. Because painted cement is less likely to stain and retain moisture than unpainted cement, the garage floor will stay cleaner and be easier to maintain despite everyday spills and use. It will also completely transform the dirty concrete you have now with a fresh, brand new look.

Cement is known to be a porous surface material, which means it absorbs most liquids and holds dirt and dust. Epoxy, on the other hand, is water and dust resistant. A quick mop and sweep will have your floor looking brand new for years to come.

Bring in more color and light

Garages can be pretty dark and drab places because they often have little to no natural light. Painting your garage floor a bright white, neutral beige, or cool light grey color can bring in more light and even make the space look bigger.

Protects your car and belongings

With less dust and spillage, a paint-covered floor can protect your cars from excess dirt and grime – what a garage is supposed to do. This will keep your car in better condition overall and help maintain or even prolong its lifespan. You can also protect all of your boxes, tools, holiday decorations, and just random stuff that we all store in the garage.

Inexpensive investment with countless benefits

If you are still on the fence about painting your garage, one tipping point may be the price. Painting your concrete floor is one of the cheapest home improvement projects you can take on that provides easier cleaning, light enhancements without using more energy, and overall more expensive look and feel. It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking, and it can make its money back in just a year or two.

If you don’t know how to go about painting your cement garage floor, consider hiring professionals to take care of it for you. The Arizona Painting Company offers a variety of paint types and colors as well as exceptional care. Contact us today.

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