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Easy Paint Touch Ups to Make Your Home Look New

Your home has been through a lot. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of everyday life, hosting a holiday party, or your children deciding your walls are the perfect canvas for their art time, your home is going to take a few for the team. You have probably noticed little damages, scratches, and marks to your walls, baseboards, cabinets, and furniture but thought little of it. These little things add up and can take a toll on your home’s overall aesthetic making it look less new. You may be looking around and noticing all the imperfections and wondering if your home is too worse for wear. But don’t give up hope so fast! Luckily, there are easy ways to renew the areas in your home that are a little rough around the edges. Get your paintbrush out and follow our tips for easy paint touch-ups!

Identify the Areas in Need of a Touch Up

Certain areas of your home need a little more TLC than others depending on use and abuse. Do a walkthrough of your home and look carefully for marks on the walls, scuffs marks on the baseboards, chips on the kitchen cabinets, and imperfections on the doors. Also, look for more glaring instances of damage such as crayon masterpieces on the walls or cat scratches on the furniture. As you note these minor issues, make a list of each item that needs to be addressed. Now that you have identified everything that needs freshening up, it is time to get to work.

Try to Clean the Marks First

Not every mark or scuff on the wall requires you to run to the garage and dig out the paint cans and roller. Before painting over the scuffs and marks, see if you can first remove the damage by wiping them away with a wet cloth or wipe. Depending on the finish used for the painting project, your walls or surface may be easier to clean than you had originally anticipated. Some marks will come off easily and the beautiful aesthetic of that surface will immediately be restored. If the imperfections don’t come off with simple cleaning tactics then consider concealing them with a touchup layer of paint.

Selecting the Correct Coverup Color

One of the biggest and most common mistakes when it comes to retouching paint projects is selecting a different shade than the original paint. This could make the situation worse by painting over an imperfection with mismatched paint. The easiest way to avoid this nightmare is to use the original paint color and use the same tool used to put down the original paint coat. If a roller was used, then use that for the touch-up. The same goes for paintbrush, sprayer, and so on. This will help the paint blend as nicely as possible. Another trick is to dilute the paint slightly with water for a seamless blend. This will make the touch up less noticeable since thinner paint looks nicer than a patch of thick paint. Also, make sure to stir the paint thoroughly especially if it has been sitting in the garage or basement for a long period of time. You want the paint to be as smooth as possible for a nice, clean look once it dries.

Consider Hiring an Expert

Not all damage to your home can easily be retouched and some fixes call for an entirely new coat of paint. Luckily, you can hire an expert team of color consultants and painters to retouch or redo your paint project. If you need some help choosing which paint color to go with or which techniques to use, our expert color consultants at Arizona Painting Company can help! Our extensive experience qualifies us to pick the perfect color and paint finish for any project. Contact us today.

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