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What is Chalkboard Paint?

Not surprisingly, chalkboard paint is exactly what the name suggests. This ingenious product allows you to transform most surfaces into chalkboards. So long as the surface is smooth and suitable for painting, you can create your very own chalkboards for your home or business.

While some producers of chalkboard paint only supply green or black, there are quite a few suppliers who can tint the paint. For businesses, especially, tainted chalkboard paint will allow you to better match your color scheme. You can also have different colored chalkboards for different surfaces.

Although this paint effectively allows you to make your own chalkboards, the application of the paint is not overly complicated. However, there are a few recommended preparations you should make, before applying the chalkboard paint.

Prepping your Surface

If you have ever applied a latex wall coating, you will recognize most of the steps involved in prepping for and applying the chalkboard paint. First and foremost, you will want a smooth surface to work with. It’s time to get the sandpaper out and smooth out any rough areas. A thin skim coat of drywall mud is also recommended, to ensure that the work surface is completely smooth. Once the drywall mud has dried, it is important to prime the surface with a suitable undercoat.

Applying your Chalkboard Paint

Using a thin nap roller cover, you will want to apply the chalkboard paint in coats. The main challenge with chalkboard paint is maintaining the smoothness of the surface. Using a heavier brush or roller will likely result in an overload, which will then cause drips. Four coats is usually sufficient to create a smooth chalkboard finish.

Curing and Conditioning

Now, when your chalkboard paint dries you will obviously want to try it out right away. Don’t. For best results, you should leave the chalkboard surface to dry over a period of a week. This process is called “curing.” Most products recommend a curing period of 3-4 days; however, waiting for the full week will guarantee a well-cared chalkboard surface.

Once the chalkboard surface has cured, you will need to condition it. This part is extremely important. If you do not condition the surface, you could end up with permanent ghostwriting on your chalkboard. To condition, the chalkboard, take a piece of chalk, place it sideways against the chalkboard surface, and apply a thin layer of chalk over the entire area. Once the chalkboard is completely covered, use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe off the chalk. When the board dries, you can let your creativity flow.

Chalkboards for Children

No doubt many of you have purchased chalkboard paint to create a surface to help keep children entertained. There are a number of great ways you can use your chalkboard paint for use by children.

As everyone knows, if you give a toddler chalk, he or she will see the world as their canvas. So why not give them a dedicated space where they can explore their creativity? By transforming a wall or section of a wall into a chalkboard, you can train your children to limit their artistic flair to the designated chalkboard. If your children have desks in their rooms, the desktop also provides the ideal surface for chalkboard paint.

Staying Organized

Good organizational skills are much sought after but seldom achieved. It’s just one of those unfortunate facts of life. However, a shiny new chalkboard may provide the answer you have been looking for.

You can create your very own editable calendar, on any wall in your home or business. Once you have filled in the days, all you will need to do is make minor changes at the beginning of each new month. Now you have a place to record all your important appointments and keep track of the children’s activities.

Chalkboards are also useful for creating lists. You can use a chalkboard in your pantry to keep track of inventory. If you have kids, they won’t have trouble remembering to do their choirs when they are conveniently listed on a chalkboard. Want to leave a message for a family member or employee? Your chalkboard has you covered.

Chalk it up to the Professionals

If you have a vision for painting with chalkboard paint but don’t have the confidence to do the job yourself, Arizona Painting Company is here to help. We have completed a number of projects for clients, which integrated the use of chalkboard paint.

With your vision and our expertise, we can bring your chalkboards to life. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the job is completed to your exact specifications. Arizona Painting Company can also provide or help you source the materials that you need.

If you are interested in experimenting with chalkboard paint, reach out and speak to the Arizona Painting Company today. We are looking forward to working with you to bring new life to your business or home.

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