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How to Paint Windows Like a Pro

There are few window frames that perfectly lend themselves to applying paint, to begin with, and then there is the problem of moving window parts sticking due to paint drying between the parts.

Worse still, if you or someone else has fallen foul of the obstacles to painting windows in the past, you may find it difficult to open the window before you even get started. The most likely cause of this problem is that the window has been painted shut.

Checking Windows

To save yourself a lot of aggravation, it is important to check the movements of the windows before you even pick up a brush. Make sure that each window is able to open fully, in the way that the manufacturer intended.

If the window does not open fully or refuses to open at all, you will need to identify the problem. In most cases, you will find that dried paint is causing the window to jam or not open at all. This issue is easily fixed by using a putty knife to break the paint seal between the window and frame.

Running a putty knife between the window and frame, on all sides, will split the dried paint and allow the window to open normally. It is important that you do not use a sharp knife, such as a razor-edged blade, as you could damage the frame.

Blocking is another problem that can prevent a window from opening. Dried latex paint tends to stick to itself, resulting in the window jamming or not opening. There is a product named Briwax, which you can use for a number of window-related issues. For dried latex paint, simply apply a small amount of Briwax between the affect moving parts of the window and the frame. Briwax will also often resolve issues with stiff moving parts, such as those found in tracked or casement windows.

Optimizing your Workspace

As mentioned, many windows have moving parts and mechanisms. While many of these parts are essential to the window working effectively, you may want to remove them during painting. It is important to ensure that you can still safely paint the window, however, so do not remove any parts which will compromise your safety.

Where possible, the task of painting a window is made much easier by removing the window. The alternative is working with unnatural angles, which is never good for your back. If you are going to remove the window, you will need a safe surface to work on. You don’t want to inadvertently smash the glass, damaging the window or causing serious injury.

Prepping your Window

There are two essential preparations you should carry out before applying your paint. First of all, you will need to sand down the surfaces that you are going to paint. Secondly, the surfaces will need to be primed before you apply your coats of paint.

Where the window fits the frame, you will use a seal rather than paint. Painting these surfaces is the main cause of windows sticking. Even a single coat of paint is enough to compromise the window’s ability to breathe within the frame.

For strong glass, you will not need to use masking tape to protect the surface. Instead, you should scrape the glass with a razor blade. Moisten the area that needs scraped and be careful to use very light pressure when scraping. If the glass is old or flimsy, do not risk scraping and use masking tape instead.


Now that all the difficult work is done, it is time to start applying your main coats. Use high-quality paint and apply in coats. You should use a variety of different sized brushes to make it easier to get into all the corners and grooves. Take your time and make sure that your coats are applied evenly for the best finish.

As a side note, you will want to try to plan your window painting when the weather is likely to remain dry. It is also important to take steps to avoid pollutants getting into the paint while it dries, which is why take the window out is always the best option.

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