Treating Wood Walls at Home

There’s no need to hire professional Arizona painter to treat your wood walls, check out our tips below so you can do it yourself!

1. Make an educated decision!

Before you decide to cover your wood paneling make sure it is really what you want to do! There’s no need to cover it up if you enjoy looking at it or have decorated your home in a way where it looks tasteful.

2. Test it out.

If you are afraid how the paint will look find a place on the wood paneled wall to paint a small patch on. Make sure that wood has been treated in a way that allows you paint over it.

3. Before you paint!

You need to be sure your wall is free of all dirt, dust and oils. The paint may not cover as desired without this step. A solution of TriSodium Phospate (TSP), available at any home improvement store, will do the trick!

4. Sand it.

Before you take the brush to the wall you will need to sand the entire wall. To make the job easier you may want to use a power sander. After you have finish sanding wipe any remaining dust off with a damp towel.

5. Prime it, Paint it.

Before applying color you should prime your wall with a stain blocking primer to make sure the color will cover completely. Remember to tape off the ceiling and base boards! Let the primer dry for 24 hours before applying paint. Now apply an interior latex paint to the panels. Satin paint is also great for durability and an easy clean.

6. Grooves?

The grooves in the wood will remain unless you spackle them and sand away the excess. If you decide you want more texture on the wall you could choose not to sand the spackle.

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