Using Color to Change Your Mood

Our Arizona painters can help you pick specific shades to paint your interior walls, but here are some tips to narrow down your color options:


Sunshine yellow is the perfect color for an uplifting atmosphere. The bright color along with the Arizona sun will do its part to wake you up while you sip your morning coffee.

Dining Room:

One of the most stimulating colors, red has been clinically proven to increase heart rate and blood pressure. A vibrant cherry is great for stimulating your guests’ hunger while adding warmth to a family meal.


For a work-oriented ambiance, a neutral gray can be perfect for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in your home’s work-space. Gray represents seriousness and the neutral tone can be conducive to creative thinking.


Bedrooms can be more versatile. Typically the bedroom is headquarters for relaxation. A cool blue or other relaxing hue is perfect for creating a placid atmosphere. However, some may prefer a more energized tone. In this case a lime green or a vibrant orange are the perfect invigorating colors.

Living Room:

To create a warm and comforting environment, earth tones should do the trick. Anything form a honey brown or a golden yellow can help you unwind after a long day of work.


Eggshell white conveys cleanliness, making it ideal for a bathroom. Bathrooms are not only used for personal hygiene but also for relaxation, so a light tone can add the element of tranquility to the space. Light blues and greens can also accent certain features your bathroom may have, such as a spacious bathtub.

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