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Tips for Using Black Paint

If you think using black paint may bring the change you want in your home, but are struggling with doubts, The Arizona Painting Company can help put your mind at ease.

Being the darkest color on the spectrum, black is often considered dangerous, cold, or unwelcoming. However, by using black paint in creative ways you can really transform the look and feel of your rooms. Once you take the leap and commit to embracing black as a suitable color, you may never look back.

Is Black the Right Choice?

Using black paint is a perfectly acceptable choice when giving rooms a makeover, so long as it suits the elements of each particular room. There are general rules you should understand before choosing a color scheme, and using black paint is no different.

When you use black as the primary color in a room, it is important to ensure the space receives plenty of natural light. As a color, black absorbs light, which means it may not be the best choice for rooms that are shaded from sunlight. That does not mean you can’t use black as an accenting color or for a single wall.

Color schemes significantly impact on the perceived dimensions of a room. Using black paint on the walls will make a room appear smaller. Think about the size of the room and the effect you want to achieve before opting for black paint as your primary color. The same principle applies to using black paint on your ceilings.

There are different types of sheens available in black paint, so make sure to shop around for the effect you want. For instance, some black paints produce a slate finish, whereas others have undertones of colors such as blue, red, or aqua green when the light reflects off the finished surface. These products can bring real character to a room when you get the tones right.

Wherever possible, perform a small sample test in a room before committing to purchasing gallon-sized containers of paint. Not only will it save you money, but you will get an idea of how black paint will finish on each surface. What you see in your mind’s eye may not necessarily translate to your walls or ceilings.

Accenting with Black

One of the most effective uses of black paint is as an accenting color. Imagine a sheer white room with nothing to break it up? If you are interested in minimalist color schemes, leave the room alone. However, if you want to add a striking contrast, you should consider accenting with black paint. If you have a wall that you want to stand out in an otherwise stark room, using black paint is a great choice.

You can also use black to accent your fireplace or other static features in a room such as bookshelves. Black frames for mirrors and paintings create contrast and uniformity. This method is also useful for drawing the eye around a room, and can even make the space seem large because the observer is not viewing the room as a whole.

Black as a Primary Color

Black as your primary color scheme for walls is a bold choice, no doubt. However, it is a choice you must fully commit to as far as the room’s décor goes. A room with black walls on all sides will require using furniture and fixtures to create a contract. Light-colored furniture will offset your black walls, and prevent the room from feeling too suffocating.

Just like you can accent light-colored walls with black, you can break up your all-black walls with light-colored trims, or wall features such as pictures and mirrors. Using contrast will not negatively impact on your chosen color scheme, but rather, enhance it. Try not to take the mindset that there is no point choosing black as your main color if you are going to decorate the rest of the room in light colors.

Mixing & Matching with Black Paint

You have multiple color combinations you can choose from that incorporate black. The most obvious is sheer black matched with sheer whites. This creates a bright and vibrant color scheme that is welcoming and relaxing. Alternatively, you can go for a more rustic look by using a less impacting black paint over a white undercoat. The white will come through as long as you apply a top coat of black, giving the impression of a natural rock effect.

Matching black with other colors is tricky, however. Because of this, you may want to defer to the skills of the Arizona Painting Company’s dedicated team. We have the experience you need to create unique themes throughout your home using black or any other color.


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