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4 Keys to Long Lasting Exterior Paint

While the quality of paint you use is an important factor, you would be doing your exterior walls an injustice if you think that is all it takes to make your paintwork last.

Painting exterior walls and other structures is a large undertaking, which requires care and preparation. A blasé approach will only result in you having to paint your exteriors more often, costing you time and money that you could have put to better use.

Painting is a Craft

Painting is not simply about applying paint to a surface. You shouldn’t simply purchase any kind of paint and hope for the best results. The craft requires an understanding of different surface types, and how to achieve a flawless, long-lasting finish. At the Arizona Painting Company, we hire experts from the field because our customers deserve a finish that will stand the test of time.

Enduring paintwork can only be achieved through careful planning, preparation, and execution. You wouldn’t expect an artist to create a masterpiece with inferior materials. An unsuitable canvas, and not having the right paints for the exterior of a home are very similar concepts. The main difference being that your canvas is much larger, and you don’t get to choose who sees the results of your artistic efforts.

Curb Appeal

Presumably, your curb appeal is important to you if you are planning on painting your exteriors. You want your home to appear bright and welcoming to visitors, and you understand your paintwork plays a large part in making the exterior of your property attractive from street level. Flaking or weathered exterior paint does not present your home in the best light.

Curb appeal is also important if you are thinking about selling your home. Furthermore, prospective buyers will inspect your exterior paintwork more closely than even you would. When someone is buying a house, they want to know there are no major improvements needed. Sub-standard exterior paintwork can become a deal-breaker.

It is therefore important to observe the following four keys to long-lasting exterior paint.

Surface Preparation

The importance of surface preparation is difficult to explain without going into too much detail. Each surface material requires different preparation steps, but there are a few hard and fast rules you should live by. First and foremost, the surface must be completely cleaned of dirt and grease. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaning agents without thoroughly rinsing the surface after. Certain chemicals may react with your paint and destroy the intended finish.

While it is not always necessary to remove old coats of paint, make sure the surface is smooth before applying new paint. If you are unsure, read the directions on your chosen paint product for best practices when it comes to preparing your surfaces. At the Arizona Painting Company, we always encourage our customers to follow manufacturer instructions to achieve the best results.

Quality over Cost

When you live in Arizona, you really do not have the luxury of choosing cheap exterior paint. The heat alone makes it impossible for low-quality paint to last; which means you either accept you will need to repaint your exterior surfaces every few months, or budget for a high-quality paint that will stand by you for longer.

The high-quality paints available in Arizona contain a mix of ingredients that are designed to withstand the worst the desert sun has to offer. The better the quality of paint, the more suited it will be to apply in hot weather – something which is especially important when you live in a state that exists in perpetual summer conditions.

Putting the Pieces Together

It is important to put all the pieces together so your painting project goes smoothly. There is no point in preparing your surfaces if you are not able to begin painting because it is too hot outside, for instance. Planning when you are going to paint is just as vital a component in your plan as preparing your surfaces or choosing the right paint.

Watch the weather forecast, or at the very least, take note of the sun’s orientation throughout the day relative to which exterior surfaces you plan to paint. Take advantage of the shade or times during the day when the sun is at low strength. Paint must be permitted to dry according to how it was designed. So again, read the directions from the manufacturer before beginning your project.

Paintwork Maintenance

Painting your exteriors and trusting your paint will hold indefinitely is never a good investment. Simple maintenance such as washing your paintwork down with a low-pressure hose can keep it clean from corrosive pollutants. You can also touch up exterior paintwork to increase its lifespan, while also getting rid of leftover paint.

If you have further questions about making your exterior paint last, call the Arizona Painting Company today.

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