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Six Painting Myths Debunked

There are many painting myths out there, but a lot of them are simply that – myths! Read more on some common misconceptions within painting and get the facts. You can have one less thing to worry about while Arizona Painting Company takes over and gets the job done.


Myth: Using Multiple Coats of Paint Means You Don’t Need to Use a Primer

If you are debating on the use of a primer, don’t! Priming is an incredibly important step to the perfect paint job, so consider picking a paint and primer in one. Primer is very

necessary as it helps the paint stick to the walls, enhancing the shine and blocking future stains. There are different kinds of primer for different surfaces, so depending on if you are painting on wood, metal, plastic, or plaster, there is a specific primer to be used! So don’t skip the priming step, as preparation is key to a great finished product.


Myth: Finding the Perfect Color is Too Overwhelming

Finding the paint color of your dreams may be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are tips when it comes to color selection, like making a vision board of your ideas, researching trends, considering the lighting, and recognizing undertones. In addition, the Arizona Painting Company offers color consulting to help you find your interior paint color, so take your time, dream, experiment, and explore.

Myth: If You’re Selling Your House, You Don’t Need to Paint

You may be stressed with all the difficulties when it comes to selling your home, but painting should be a top priority on your to-do list before moving. A fresh coat of paint is to be considered, as a study by Zillow showed that painting your home can increase your home sales. And the colors you choose matter – buyers are more likely to purchase a home at a higher price point if it fits their desires and is move-in ready.


Myth: Adding Essential Oil to Paint Will Make it Smell Better

This is unnecessary and a waste of resources, as modern formulations of paint have less odor and lower fumes to begin with. And, some essential oils won’t even mix properly with the paint. Don’t use any alcohol-based fragrances or oils, as they won’t mix with water or oil-based paint. If the smell bothers you, leave the area while the paint is being applied, or open a window to let fresh air in.


Myth: You Shouldn’t Paint in Cold Temperatures

This myth derives from the idea that when surface temperatures fall below 50 degrees, traditional paints lose their adhesive properties and ability to dry. However, cold-weather paints are available thanks to today’s advanced paint formulas, as well as several tips for professionals to take when painting in cold weather, such as using nylon or polyester brushes, and building a bubble over the area being painted.


Myth: Paint Can Be Saved for Later

Paint can become useless after a while, as opened cans of paint that are “being saved for later” can lack quality, and you may quickly discover this during the application process. So, it may be time to toss any old paint cans in your garage and leave it to the Arizona Painting Company to provide the highest quality paint for your paint job.


At the Arizona Painting Company, we believe in exceptional customer service and integrity of our work, and we go the extra mile with each and every customer to ensure your goal is achieved! Let us handle the painting, and the myths, and allow you to have satisfaction and comfort. Request a painting quote today!

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