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What are the Benefits of Painting Your Home?

Painting your home – the thought excites some while others can only think of stress and costs associated with a paint project. Whether you’re looking to paint your home to sell it, personalize it or breathe new life to both the inside and outside of your home, there are benefits to painting your home.

Increase Your Home’s Value

When you think of your home, you are more than likely thinking about the emotional benefits of your house. However, your home is also an investment and part of your financial portfolio. Whether you’re looking to sell your home soon or just want to make sure you’re protecting your investment, making sure that your house is in top shape will ensure that you have your options open for the foreseeable future.

If you are looking to sell your home soon, painting the exterior of your home will give it curve appeal and give potential buyers the idea that the house they are looking to purchase has been cared for and there will be no surprises when they move in. Painting the interior of your home will also help buyers picture themselves as future homeowners when you use natural colors that they can easily change if they purchase your home. Painting your interior is one of the lowest cost and highest return projects you can take on to increase the value of your home.

Avoid Getting HOA Fines

If you live in Arizona, you are familiar with the Home Owners Association (HOA). HOA’s are responsible for overseeing the financial interest of the community they are in. While there are many benefits to having an HOA in your community, most Arizona residents are not likely involved in the day-to-day business of their HOA and only think about the HOA when they get a letter of non-compliance in the mail. Homeowners with an HOA are likely to receive a letter requiring the exterior of their house to be painted at some point. The benefit of having an HOA looking out for homes in need of a new paint job is that it upkeeps the value of your, and your neighbor’s home. While HOA’s will give homeowners a grace period to be able to paint their home, failing to comply with the HOA can result in monetary fines or even having a lien put on their home.

Prevent Damage to Your Home

While Arizona winters are the envy of most Americans across the country as they experience harsh weather, we have a few elements to deal with. The extreme desert heat and blazing sun will result in you having to paint your home at one point or another. Most paint projects will last between 5 – 7 years but a great quality paint job can last around 10 years. Painting the exterior of your home will result in your house looking great but with the added benefit of protecting it from harsh elements. Think of a fresh coat of paint like an armor for your home.


Personalize Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

While remodeling your home to make it fit your own personal style sounds great, remodeling is expensive. Tearing down walls, moving wiring and plumbing often requires an expert. Whether you’re paying for the materials yourself or paying for the handy work, you’ll be paying for much more out of pocket than you would with just a fresh coat of paint. Remodeling your home can cost thousands of dollars while painting your home can be achieved without any extra labor. One of the benefits or painting versus remodeling is that with just a few tools, a color that fits your personal style, and a quality paint project can breathe new life into your personal space.


While there are many benefits to painting your home, painting can be stressful. Why not hire the professionals at Arizona Painting Company? Skip the stress of purchasing materials and making sure you have the right amount and type of paint. Our team will make your new paint project a reality so that all you have to do is schedule a free consultation and pick colors that fit your personal aesthetic.

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