Refurbish Your Furniture with Paint

This is the perfect opportunity to give it some new life. You can paint anything from chairs to dressers or even tables! You can also buy a vintage piece that needs a little love for a project like this.
How do you refurbish your furniture with paint? Here are the steps so you can create a one-of-a-kind professional-looking piece for your home.

Pick Your Paint

For projects like this, you can use leftover paint or pick a “punch” color that will call attention to the item. You can also try to antique the piece, using a variety of colors and techniques. Really, anything goes as long as you love the colors you are choosing.

When choosing your paint, try to use either semi-gloss or high gloss 100% acrylic latex paint. Plan on doing at least two coats, so make sure you have enough paint to cover your entire piece of furniture.

Select Your Piece and Prep

You can paint any wooden piece in your home from dressers to tables, chairs, mirrors, and desks. You can also buy a new piece of furniture or a vintage piece to spruce up with a fresh coat of paint. A lot of these pieces look even better when treated with paint and touched up with a bit of color. This can also help you create a matching set of furniture for a bedroom or living room.

Clean It

First, make sure to remove any hardware so you can paint without worrying about messing it up. You should also remove any drawers (if it has them) so you can paint them separately. Next, it is best to wipe down and clean the piece, especially if it was a garage sale find or a piece that has been lying around in storage. Oil soap is a great cleaning solution.

Sandpaper is Key

It is very important to sand your piece prior to painting. If the surface is glossy in any way, it is crucial to sand it, otherwise, the paint will not stick. Also, sanding will help you remove any leftover dirt or grime. You don’t have to sand it down to bare wood, but enough to ensure the surface is dull for the paint to stick.

Prime It

Wait until your piece of furniture is free of dust and dry after cleaning. You can use a leftover primer from a bigger paint project or look into an oil-based primer that is best for furniture. 100% acrylic latex primer is recommended as well. It will conceal stains and make your piece look better over time.
After the primer dries, it is recommended that you sand it down once again. This time use a fine-grit sandpaper. It will look more professional if you sand it between every coat.

Paint It

Here comes the fun part! Now you can start adding paint to your furniture. You can use a mini foam roller or smaller paintbrushes to apply thin coats of paint. It is recommended to wait at least six to eight hours between each coat.

Sand Again

Sand the piece between coats for the most professional look. You can repeat this as many times as necessary. You can also remove dust or dog hair with a tack cloth. It is crucial to remove all of the remnants prior to protecting your piece because the protectants are clear and will encapsulate even the smallest piece of dirt or fuzz.

Protect It

Last but not least, protect your piece with polyurethane or furniture wax. If you choose to use wax, the wipe-on kind is the best and easiest to work with.
Varnishing your piece will make it last longer and make for easier cleaning. Wait 24 hours after your last coat of paint before doing this last step.
Once done protecting your piece, it is also recommended you wait at least a day or two before using or touching it. You want the piece to be as perfect as possible.

Enjoy It!

After it dries completely, you can reinstall the hardware and place your beautiful refurbished piece in your home!

With summer around the corner and the sun shining, it is a great time to start a new painting project. Now that you know what a great idea it is to refurbish an old wooden piece of furniture with paint, you can revamp your home. Not only will the piece reflect your artistry, but it will be a technique you have now learned and can use over and over again. For the perfect paint to go with your refurbishing project, contact the Arizona Painting Company today for a free consultation!

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