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Reasons Your Ceilings Need to Be Painted

As with most home improvement projects it helps to have some incentive to get started. Ceilings are not always all that interesting to look at so it’s hard to find inspiration. If it’s the motivation you need, here are some of the best reasons that your ceilings need to be painted.

Size Perception

The most practical consideration when painting ceilings are the perception of room size. If you want to make a smaller room seem larger, painting the ceiling black is a great look. This style works great in a velvety black to create the illusion that you are walking into a spacious and high room. You can find balance with white walls, breaking up the affected with saturated hues throughout the space.

This technique is ideal for rooms that feel suffocating. If you are planning on selling your home, making a room appear larger can make all the difference to potential buyers. It is much easier to see potential in a property when smaller spaces are painted in their best light.

Impactful Design

Accented ceilings are the perfect way to create an effective and impactful design on a limited budget. The mood of the room is often dictated by the walls and furniture, forgetting that the ceiling is the singularly most prominent feature. Highlighting your ceiling with accented colors is a game-changer that will transform the dynamics of any room in your home.

Compare accented color schemes to find a combination that suits your personal tastes and the style you want for each room. When you find the right fit, you won’t regret paying more attention to that blank canvas.

Bold Statements

The ceiling presents opportunities for homeowners to make bold statements in every room. Striped ceilings in kitchens are already becoming a popular trend among homeowners who want to make a statement. Visitors and family alike will feel more relaxed in a room that doesn’t feel like any other.

These unexpected elements are expressive of a modern and welcoming home that embraces bold and exciting design. Give your home a modern makeover with the ceiling as the focal point in each room.

Highlighting the 5th Wall

Blank ceilings do absolutely nothing for the style, design or appeal of a room. Known as “the 5th wall” in design and decorating, the ceiling deserves as much as much attention as its counterparts. If you paint or decorate the other four walls and leave the ceiling blank, it looks like a painting left half undone.

You can use the ceiling to create contrast with your main color palette, accent walls or to give a room more character. There are so many ideas available to bring more attention to the 5th wall. You can find examples that are easy to replicate online or by speaking to a professional painting company.

Getting Creative

Painting all your ceilings in a uniform call is no fun. Homeowners should have fun with creativity when painting ceilings; especially when it comes to kids’ bedrooms. Each space in the home is unique and deserves its own expression. Your ceilings are blank canvasses on which you can unleash your inner artist. If you don’t like the results, ceilings are much easier to repaint that most other surfaces in the home.

Everyone has creativity locked inside just waiting to escape. Think of ceilings as the canvas on which you will paint your dreams. Before you know it every ceiling in your home will tell a different story.

Create Dramatic Elegance

You don’t have to pay big money to create a high-end ceiling. These concepts are adaptable through several simple techniques. Edging and accenting are just two of the ways that you can create dramatic elegance in your décor when painting ceilings.

Taking the time to work with extra design elements is worth the effort when you see just how impactful the results are in otherwise boring spaces.

Feature Wall Fun

How many people do you know who use ceilings as a feature wall? You can place the entire focus of a room on the ceiling and enhance the space without the need for a contrasting color scheme. Even if you are not the artistic type, using decals and stencils is a fantastic way to bring a ceiling alive at a minimal cost.

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