Exterior Paint to Increase Your Home’s Value

Sometimes, as time marches on, we turn a blind eye to little eyesores or imperfections, but if you want people to take an interest in what you’re selling, you’re going to have to pay attention to the little things. It’s all in the details.

Fast Track

One of the quickest ways to upgrade your home is to have it painted by professionals. Interior paint jobs are important, but exterior paint jobs are the ones you need to focus on. If you think about it, people are going to form a first impression when they pull up to your home. What will that impression be? You can’t make a second first impression, so it makes sense to give them a positive vibe about the house right off the bat. To do that, invest in painting the exterior of your home to increase its value.

Easiest Update

While renovations can increase the value of your home, the simplest and least expensive option is exterior painting. The kitchen and bathroom remodel can cost multiple thousands of dollars in comparison to the simplicity of fresh paint. Consumer Reports states that painting your home could give you a 1-2% bump in price when selling.

Why is painting so important? Not only is it more economical than other home improvement projects, but it gives potential buyers the impression that it’s well taken care of. If they pull up to a home with cracked or chipped paint and wood, it doesn’t give the consumer confidence that it’s been well-maintained.

Draw Attention to Your Home’s Features

In addition to the perception of the quality of maintenance, having a fresh coat of paint can help highlight interesting architectural features of your home. Gabled eves, columns, window sashes, railings, and other unique characteristics can showcase the value of your home. If there is a lot of detail on the top of your house, find a way to balance it so the bottom portion doesn’t look plain. Accent your features, but make sure to ground them with detail toward the bottom.

Minimize the Look of Wear and Tear

Arizona weather takes a toll on your house. Think of the blistering hot sun, the cold rain and strong winds. It’s inevitable that the wear and tear will show. New paint can help act as a defensive shield. There are so many paint choices on the market today that it is easy to find quality paint that will help protect against the elements, eliminating the need to paint more often.

It’s All About Color

If you’re painting with the intention to sell, do not personalize the color to your style. Sure, purple is an amazing color, but not everyone will want that painted on their home. If you paint according to your preferences, the potential buyer might have a hard time imagining their life in the home. Stick with neutral colors that will complement any décor so when they’re standing in the foyer, they can visualize what it might look like with their own belongings in place.

Choosing the right colors is important, as the right application can make your home look bigger. Even if you have vinyl siding, painting is still a priority. Painting is more cost-effective than replacing siding. Make sure you paint it the same shade or lighter to prevent warping due to heat.

Tips and Tricks

Leave It to the Pros

At Arizona Painting Company, we are dedicated to making your next painting project as painless as possible. With a top-notch, expertly trained staff, we give you what you need to increase the value of your home. We fully prep and repair each surface to ensure a quality paint job.

We take pride in our exterior painting program. We offer services custom to you. Color consultants are on hand to help coordinate your overall goal and can even suggest landscaping and other outdoor influences that can make your home look amazing. Give us a call at 602-648-3071. You can also request a painting quote online today.




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