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Making the Most of Your Home Office

Working from home is a huge relief for many people who do not enjoy the corporate-driven environments that dictate most workplaces. You have absolutely no control over the design and colors in your workplace, which can significantly impact your productivity and personal wellbeing.

However, even when you work from home you need to make sure your office is conducive to the work you do. It doesn’t matter if your home office is personal space or you intend on allowing access to clients and customers. The bottom line is an organized and well-designed home office will help ensure you work to your full potential.

Office Equipment

When you decide to work from home there is always the temptation to fill your office with every piece of equipment on the market. However, it is important to work smart when utilizing your space. Only purchase office equipment you are actually going to use. For instance, you don’t need a large networked printer if you are the only person who needs printouts.

The footprint is another important consideration when buying office equipment. When working from home you will have limited office space. Filling it up with office equipment that is surplus to requirements is counterproductive. When you are trying to focus on your daily tasks, a crowded office does not help. Instead, prioritize creating a system that allows you to easily perform working tasks and find the items you need to complete your work.

Color Schemes Matter

Your first consideration should be allowing natural light into your office. The problem is, home offices are often tucked away in an area of the home that does not receive optimal levels of natural light. If this is the case for you, a well-considered color scheme will help brighten up your working space and compensate for the lack of light.

Think about the work you do and the most appropriate mood for promoting productivity. Soft colors, such as grays, aqua green, sea blue, etc. are ideal for creating a relaxed environment in which to work. If you need energy and motivation, however, high saturation reds, yellows, and whites are used in many offices to increase productivity.

When choosing your colors, always take the size of your home office into account. Darker shades will make space feel smaller, while lighter colors will open up the room and allow you to breathe. Your color palette will depend on the type of work you do and the mood you wish to achieve. Neutral colors are proven to improve mood without adversely affecting the environment.

Sound Proofing

Having an office at home does not mean you are free from disruptions. If you have kids, it takes a lot of personal discipline for them to understand you are at work when in the office. It is especially important to establish boundaries if you anticipate speaking to clients in your office. Of course, there are also measures you can take to ensure quiet while you work.

An office should be situated somewhere in the home that experiences the least footfall. Failing that, you can help to soundproof the room in other ways. Adding shelving for files or equipment can actually act as a sound buffer. Additionally, you may want to consider installing a soundproof door to further reduce the noise levels of your office experiences.

Office Ergonomics

The importance of ergonomics cannot be understated. If you can’t use your office furniture and equipment comfortably, you may end up suffering from long term health issues. Before you purchase your office essentials, do some research into the ergonomics of each product. Shop wisely and create a comfortable working environment where you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself or your business.

If you find yourself experiencing pain or discomfort during a normal working day, you may need to reassess the ergonomics of your office. More often than not, work-related pain is down to the equipment you use. Performing an ergonomic assessment every six months will help you create a more relaxing workplace at home.

Home Office Painting Experts

Painting your home office is just one of the many projects you should undertake to ensure a comfortable working environment. The likelihood is you will have a limited workspace. It is therefore even more important you consult with a painting expert before completing your office. Color has a big impact on how humans react to anything new. With a professional painter on your side, you can create a space that inspires creativity, productivity, and success.

Are you exciting about creating your home office or thinking of redecorating? The Arizona Painting Company can help transform the room. We are your local experts on maximizing the potential of home offices. Call today to find out more.

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