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Discussion About Ladder Safety

Best Ladder Safety Practices:

Follow the practices below for proper Ladder Safety techniques while you are painting:

  1. Extend ladder 3′ above the surface you’re setting it up to.
  2. Tie off ladder at the top if possible and if its going to be semi-permanent.
  3. Maintain 3 points of contact while climbing  on the ladder.
  4. Do not use a ladder with broken rungs or bases.
  5. Use a ladder with non-skid feet or spikes depending on the surface.
  6. Make sure ladder base is level and secure to prevent side slip or the base kicking out.
  7. 4:1 Rule – For every 4′ you extend the ladder up move the base 1′ back from the wall.

If you have any hard to reach areas on your home its better to call a professional painter and get it done right.  Paying someone to repaint your hard to reach areas is much safer and easier than dealing with a broken leg or back.  Call us today for a free estimate at 480-926-7700!

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