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Exterior Painting in Mesa

In 2016, we were called by the homeowner to perform a full exterior repaint of all the stucco, roof parapet walls, garage doors, and metal security doors. Read about all the details involving that amazing home painting project.

Our estimator Robert first met with the homeowners in early January to do the initial walk around and proposal. Robert inspected the home and noted that it was faded and had not been painted in nearly 7 years, a typical time when a paint job is first needed. He noted that there were several stucco cracks, peeling around the foundation, and many woodpecker holes on the upper roof parapet walls that we would need to repair.

During the estimate, Robert explained our exterior painting process to the homeowners and how we would be repairing all of these areas prior to actually painting the house after all the prep work is the most important part of painting! He showed them how we would specifically take care of each area taking care to do it right the first time.

Robert then took some measurements and printed up a quote on the spot for them, there was no need for the homeowners to wait days to see their proposal. They were very happy with our price and hired us to start the next week.

Color Selections

The next step was for us to get the color selections. Since the homeowner asked us to match the color we were able to take a sample of some of their old Frazee paints to get a color name. The old color was Frazee Amberbrew CL2715D, mixed at 50% formula. This means that it is about 2 shades lighter than the actual color. For this project, we would be using our Bronze Warranty Package which includes Dunn Edwards AcriHues 100% Acrylic Paints and a 3-year warranty.


Our foreman Mike and his helper Luis were the two painters on this project. Mike and Luis are one of our highest rated painting crews and they do fantastic work. Upon arriving they did a quick walk around with the homeowners to go over the project and make sure to answer any more questions that may come up. After the walk Mike started the prep work, this took an entire day as there was a lot of work on the upper roof parapets due to the woodpeckers. You can see below that Mike does great stucco repairs because they look as good as new!


This home had a lot of custom woodwork that we were not painting, we had to take extra time masking all of these areas so we would not get any overspray on the stained wood. Even though it was slightly windy out there was no overspray on any of it!

Metal Screen Doors

We painted the metal screen doors with an oil-based enamel so they would not peel or chip. This is important to use because these doors are typically factory coated with enamel and to prevent peeling you should always use a paint that will adhere properly. The product used on these doors was Dunn Edwards SynLustro Oil Enamel.


We thoroughly caulked around all of the stained wood areas to seal the gap between the wood and the stucco. This seems easy but it’s very tedious and you need a very skilled painting crew to do it right so no paint gets on the stained wood. Mike did a great job cutting this in.

Garage Doors

We always paint the garage doors with a Semi-Gloss paint, in this case, we used Dunn Edwards AcriHues SemiGloss, 100% Acrylic.

Job Completed

Once Mike and Luis finished the job a few days later they asked the homeowner to review us and we were happy to get another 5-star review. These are an important part of our company as most of our business comes from word-of-mouth, the more happy customers have the better our word-of-mouth is. Mike has made it a personal goal of his to get more 5 star reviews than any other employee this year. This will be his 4th one already and we can’t wait to see many more to come!


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