leftover paint

Uses for Leftover Paint

Whenever a paint job is finished, there are usually several buckets with a little bit of paint leftover in them. It’s not that the person who got the paint purchased the wrong amount. No, sometimes a bit of leftover paint is just part of the process. However, this little leftover paint often isn’t enough to add a new coat to an existing wall to touch it up. It’s also not enough to start painting a blank wall with this new color. This leftover paint often ends up in the garage, taking up space in the form of mostly empty buckets. Here are some creative ways to use up that leftover paint!

Small DIY Projects

Some of the easiest and simplest DIY projects consist of taking old pieces of furniture and giving them a fresh coat of paint. Since the leftover paint is already available, the first step for the project is already out of the way. Things such as old chairs, dressers, desks, and doors are examples of the different types of furniture you could repaint.

It doesn’t stop there either! Coasters, flowerpots, utensil handles, and fabrics are all things that you could do projects with as well. Everything listed here would benefit greatly from a fresh coat of paint, and they wouldn’t need much of it. Some of them wouldn’t even need a full coat either. A simple accent color could drastically change the look of a door or desk.

Let Out the Picasso Inside

Leftover paint doesn’t just have to be used as a flat coat on something. If you’ve always wanted the chance to let your creative side out with paint, now is your chance! If you’re not the most skilled painter or artist, you could opt for transforming some of the spaces in your home with just a touch of paint. This could include painting the trim in bathrooms or living rooms, giving them a subtle accent. If you want to go bigger with your changes, you could find a simple design to paint on a wall to convert it into an accent wall.

Each of these doesn’t require much skill and can completely transform the space you paint in. If you are a great painter and artist, you could even try painting a mural! Both of these options will allow your creative side to flourish and help you get rid of that leftover paint.

Dispose of it… Or Donate It

The most common thing to do with leftover paint, besides storing it, is disposing of it. However, just dumping it down the drain is highly discouraged, as this could damage not only your plumbing system but the environment as well. To dispose of it properly, make sure the paint is completely dried out.

Since the paint at the bottom of the can isn’t that much anyway, leaving it out in the sun should do the trick for drying it up. How you are allowed to dispose of this dried-up paint varies depending on where you live. Some states allow you to toss it with your regular trash and others have certain processes. To be sure, check your local waste laws to make sure you are following the proper protocol.

If you don’t want to throw it away or feel bad not having used it all, try donating it! Several social and public selling sites always have people on the lookout for paint for their DIY projects. These paint seekers would be more than grateful for the donation that you make to their projects. This way, you get your project done, help with someone else’s, and also get rid of all of the purchased paint. That’s a win-win-win situation.

Let Us Have the Leftovers

When you contact us to do the work for you instead, you don’t have to worry about there being any leftover paint in your garage. Contact us to get your free estimate! We have extensive experience with paint and offer color consultation if you are stuck or unsure about how to move forward with your project. Any questions you may have, we are more than happy to answer.

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