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Tips for Styling Home Shelving

The interior styling of a home makes a serious statement on the whole home itself. When decorating a home, many focus on the color of the walls and the type of furniture that will accompany it. Those looking to take it a step further often throw the flooring into the equation. However, in most homes, there is a missed opportunity for decoration in every room. The walls of a home, once painted, are often left alone or ignored during the rest of the decoration process. To us, they are empty canvases waiting to show off the personality and style of you and your home. Check out some of our different tips for styling your home shelving.

Type of Shelving

Usually, most people choose between having shelves hang off the walls or having bookcase-like furniture placed up against the wall. With shelves hanging up against the walls, you have a variety of options on how to decorate your wall space. The length and size of the shelves can all vary. The shelves don’t even have to be a straight line across the wall either!

Today, you can get wall shelving that comes in hexagonal shapes, circles, crate-styled, corner shelves, and so much more! You can opt for one large shelf or several smaller ones. These shelves also give you space to place furniture under them if that’s something you need to do.

For bookcase-like shelving, it’s a completely different experience but provides just as much creative opportunity. This type of shelving becomes part of your living room furniture. It can even be painted the same color as the rest of the room walls. This helps it blend into the wall and hide, helping it not look like it sticks too far out from the wall.

Just like with wall shelves, there are a variety of styles for these shelves. You can get a simple four-by-four design that barely reaches your waist or opt for bookcase shelving that goes all the way up to the ceiling. They can be wide and span across the entire wall or be styled to fit into the room’s corner. The type of shelving you choose will depend on the style your living space will take on.

What to Put on the Shelves

A homeowner who has lived in their home for a couple of years probably has most of the things they will need to decorate the shelving in a home. For shelves that hang off the walls, smaller items are ideal. This, however, doesn’t limit the creative potential of these shelves. Leaning artwork and pictures (still in their frames) both stand out as great and unique examples of things to show off on wall shelving. Items such as small plants, books, or even small lamps are also things to display on those floating shelves.

What you pick also depends on the room you are decorating. If it’s the living room, books and lamps serve as a perfect décor fit. If you decide to shake up the shelving in the kitchen, then items such as mini pots and pans may work better for that space. When picking out items to display, just make sure that they all still match or contrast the color scheme in the room.

With bookcase shelving, you have the option to decorate with items that may be a little heavier. Here, the shelving not only supports more weight, but it’s also usually a little wider and thicker. That elegant, interior décor vase that wouldn’t fit on the slimmer wall shelf edge now comfortably nooks into the first row of your bookcase shelf. The same goes for potted plants, heavy books, or personal knickknacks.

Now, just because this type of shelving can handle more weight doesn’t mean it should be crowded with items. When decorating with this shelving, always try to strike a size balance. Although it can handle it, a small bookcase shelf with an extremely large décor piece on top just doesn’t look good. Just as with the other type of shelving, make sure the décor and bookshelf match the color and style of the room.

Decorating the walls of a home makes a statement in any home, which is why we love helping homeowners achieve the dream look for their home. If you can’t decide on a color or are still considering your home’s style, contact us! We have a color consultation specialist that will help you take the next step for your home remodel.

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