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Color Consulting - Helping You Find the Perfect Color

No one wants to paint and then have to repaint only after finding the color you initially choose clashes with your furniture or just doesn’t quite look right. Creating a color scheme that works in your home can be daunting, so here are some tips to help you find the perfect color!

Pick a Color Palette You Like

Color theory is an in-depth subject with many different things to consider. Basically, it is a structure that guides us in choosing the right colors for our homes. It also can divide colors into different pairings that either complement each other or clash with each other. This is a good place to start when deciding the color for your home and can help you identify which colors are of interest.

Most people have a good idea regarding the colors they would like in their home and those they would absolutely dislike in their home. This is a great place to start! If you like shades of blue or shades of yellow, looking at a color palette can help you find the different tones or shades that may work well in your home.

It is also important to consider the tone and feel you would like in your home. So first, walk through your home to evaluate your style and the function of the space. This will help you choose a relevant color for the walls and to conceptualize what will look good with your existing furniture and decorations.

Another thing to consider is color psychology. If you would like a calming space, it is probably not best to choose bright orange. Usually, bright tones will provoke energy while subdued tones and pastels will promote a peaceful feeling. Keep this in mind when choosing your palette.

Use online tools

This is an amazing and fun tool created by Sherwin Williams. It allows you to easily find colors and schemes that work for different spaces. It also allows you to upload your own photos to see what the colors would look like in your home.

There is also an inspiration section that has examples, expert color selections, and inspirational photos you can pull the colors you love from. You can even “paint a scene” to see how the colors work in the space and how they look during the day and at night.

Do you have a color family in mind, but are not sure about the shade you would like? Dunn Edwards Perfect Palette is a great tool that showcases colors in groups so you can see the differences in shades and pigments. You can also find a color you like online and match it with their handy tool.

Dunn Edwards Perfect Palette also features colors arranged by most popular for interior, exterior, neutrals, and non-neutrals. This way you can see commonly used colors that may accent your home perfectly.


Browse Pinterest for Inspiration

Pinterest is a great site for design ideas and even DIY tips and tricks. You can browse house ideas, home decoration tips, and even check out incredible transformation photos. It has tons of information and inspiration from color schemes for a whole house or guides to painting once you’ve found your perfect color. Also, you can easily save your ideas for later so you can refer to them when you actually go to purchase the paint.

Ask for help

Sometimes there is no better option than to enlist the help of a color specialist or interior designer. Not everyone can choose the perfect color combinations all the time, so enlisting a trained eye can be crucial to getting the perfect paint color for your home.
If you use an interior designer prices may vary, but the cost of a color specialist is usually around $100 an hour. And if you don’t have to completely repaint, having help could save your time AND money!
If you would like more help or tips with choosing the perfect paint color, the Arizona Painting Company is here to help. We have paint specialists that are happy to offer any advice or recommend any color combinations so you can have the best color for your home. We specialize in both interior and exterior palettes and can discuss your needs at a free consultation today.

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