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Best New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Maybe you want to lose weight, save money or spend more time with family and friends. But what about your home? Whether you’re gearing up to sell your home or just want to improve the place that you spend most of your time, here are the best home improvement resolutions you can make for the new year.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to updating parts of your house, so this year, make it a resolution to transform your bathroom into a haven where you can wind down after a long day or wake yourself up in the morning to get ready for work.

The easiest way to change the atmosphere of your bathroom is to install new lighting. If you have a vanity area, attach vanity lights to the mirror to create an old-Hollywood-glam feel. Try installing a dimmer for your lights to ensure you have enough bright lighting in the morning to get ready but can set the mood at night for a calming bath or steamy shower.

Speaking of showers, if you have some extra money to put into your bathroom remodel, consider renovating your shower. Add a bench or shelving to the walls or upgrade the glass to a frameless or frosted look. Check out this HGTV Shower Remodel Gallery for inspiration.

Kitchen Refresh

If you’re looking to add value to your home, the kitchen is the best place to start. While a full-blown kitchen remodels can be a steep investment, you can make smaller changes and still refresh the overall feel of your kitchen.

The quickest way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. If you have dark wood right now, try bright white or light gray cabinets to open up the room and make it feel brighter. If you have lighter cabinets, staining them dark can help to bring some depth and dimension to the room. Arizona Painting Company can help you decide the best look for your home and paint or stain any cabinets in your kitchen for an easily updated feel.

Consider updating the backsplash or sink in your kitchen as well. Backsplash tiles come in all sorts of finishes and colors, so retiling your backsplash could give your kitchen a completely new feel. The same goes for a staple in any kitchen: the sink. Try swapping the standard sink your house came with for a statement-worthy farmhouse sink. You can also simply change the sink head to make doing dishes easier, with different splash settings or a retractable head.

Install Safety Features

Often, people get so caught up in making their home beautiful that they forget to check up on safety features. One of your resolutions should be to make your home safer this new year. First, start with the basics. You should be checking your smoke detector once a month and the batteries should be replaced at least once a year. While you’re checking the smoke alarms, install a carbon monoxide detector to prevent any deadly carbon monoxide poisonings. Make it a resolution to check your home periodically for fire hazards, such as dryer lint, which accounts for more than 15,000 building fires a year according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

If you really want to up your home’s safety, install a home security system. There are many options available and systems such as the Nest or Ring even integrate with other features of your home to help you control the temperature remotely, turn lights on or off and more.

Eco-Friendly Upgrades

If your new year’s resolution is to be more sustainable, kick that off with some upgrades that can improve your carbon footprint. Swap the light bulbs in all your light fixtures to LED bulbs, which are safer and last longer in addition to being more energy-efficient. A larger step you can take is to replace old appliances with new, energy-efficient alternatives. While it may be an investment upfront, it will save you money in the long run by lowering your utility bills.

Simple Room Updates

Sometimes all you need to do to make your home feel new and fresh is to try some simple room updates. Rearrange the furniture in different rooms to give it a new look. Move the couch in your living room to make it conducive for conversations, not just facing the television or try moving your bed to center on a different wall. Adding new décor pieces can also help to change up the look of a room on a budget. Pick a new color to accent the room through throw pillows or wall décor or add a few plants to brighten up a space.

Add some color to boring rooms, either by painting the entire room or just an accent wall. Speak with an Arizona Painting Company Color Consultant to decide which colors would work best and give you the look you’re going for.

There are many resolutions you can make in the new year, so try to include a few that allow you to make your home the best that it can be. Arizona Painting Company is here to help you fulfill all your home renovation dreams, big or small, so request a quote today!

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