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Arizona Painting Company | 2023 Y.E.S Program Winner

Supporting Our Young Entrepreneurs

At Arizona Painting Company, we firmly believe in supporting the dreams and aspirations of young talents who are making a difference in their communities. We recently had the honor of awarding our scholarship to an outstanding young entrepreneur, a 17-year-old dynamo Sujay Kolpuru, the founder of Applimize, a business designed to assist students with their college applications.

A Visionary at 17

Sujay is not your average kid. At just 17, he has already embarked on the path of entrepreneurship with his business, Applimize. His business was born out of a desire to help fellow students navigate the complex and often stressful college application process. Recognizing the need for guidance and support, he decided to create a platform that offers tailored assistance and advice, streamlining the path to higher education.

Our Scholarship and Support

At Arizona Painting Company, we are committed to nurturing young talent and fostering entrepreneurship within our community. Recognizing Sujay’s remarkable initiative and his potential to bring about positive change, we were thrilled to present him with our scholarship award. The scholarship not only came with funds to contribute to his business but also an opportunity for an exclusive interview, which will soon be featured on our YouTube channel.

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During our interview with Sujay, we delved into the intricacies of his business, Applimize. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

yes program winner

Sujay’s story serves as an inspiration not only to young entrepreneurs but to anyone with a dream and the determination to pursue it. His passion for helping others and his drive to make a positive impact in the world are qualities we deeply admire.

Arizona Painting Company is immensely proud to have the opportunity to support and recognize young talents like Sujay. We believe that nurturing and celebrating youthful entrepreneurship is vital for the growth of our community. Stay tuned for the release of our interview with Sujay on our YouTube channel, where you can learn more about his journey, Applimize, and the exciting future that lies ahead for this remarkable young entrepreneur.

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