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The Amount of Paint you Actually Need?

How Much Paint Do You Actually Need?

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your freshly painted room surrounded by nearly full paint cans? Overestimating the amount of paint you need can

be not only a financial mistake, but also an inconvenience as you scramble to get rid of leftover paint.


Maybe you painted half the room and looked down only to realize you were one can too short and have to pause your process to finish the job. With a little calculation, research, and some planning, you won’t have to worry about this problem the next time you buy paint for a project.


Step One: Visualize


First, visualize what kind of area you are planning to have painted. The guest bathroom will require much less paint than your newly remodeled living room and kitchen. Next, measure the area of the room you are expecting to paint, which can be made easier with the tips in the next section! (tips for calculating coming up). Visualizing your painted room and planning accordingly can help you prepare for your painting experience.

Step Two: Calculate


After the process of visualization, it’s time to measure. Since most of us aren’t paint experts, you aren’t expected to know the actual square footage of the area you are looking to paint off the top of your head. Using an online calculator, or consulting a paint professional, are two tools that can help solve the question of calculation. However, a simple calculation of the height and width for each wall can help get you started. Tip: don’t forget to account for the measurements of windows and doors.


Typically, a one-gallon can of paint will cover up to 400 square feet, which can account for the typical small room, such as a bathroom. An average-sized room is around 800 square feet, so two cans of paint should cover it, and so on. Remember to check pricing estimates based on factors such as quality of materials, conditions of the home, and dimensions of the rooms via the Arizona Painting Company website.

Step Three: Paint


Lastly, the fun part! When it comes time to paint, and you have hired a team of professionals, make sure to be prepared. There are pre-painting checklists to confirm details to prepare for painting day, such as cleaning the space, removing items from the wall, and disconnecting wires.


With the right research, visualization, and calculation, you can sit back and rest easy, knowing that you have purchased the correct amount of paint needed for your project. Or, save your time and energy and hire the professionals at the Arizona Painting Company! Contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our painting experts to find out which paint is best for your home and the amount of paint you will actually need.

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