2024 East Valley Paint It Forward volunteers and winners

2024 East Valley Paint It Forward Campaign

Each year, each of our branches selects a deserving homeowner, business, or local charity to receive a complimentary interior or exterior painting project. These organizations, businesses, individuals, and/or families are nominated by their communities & loved ones and hand-selected by the Arizona Painting Company!


Meet the Winners!

This year’s east valley Paint It Forward winners were nominated over 20 times!

“Shannon and her husband Billy have adopted two of her sisters children and are now taking on adopting three grandchildren. They are truly some of the most giving and loving people. Unfortunately recently her husband Billy learned that he has stage 4 liver cancer and has been given 4 months to live and get his family in order to have to live without him. Billy has been an amazing provider for her and their two biological children and the three grandchildren that they are raising currently, but he could really use some help making sure his family will be cared for in his absence. Shannon has shared with a few of us that she would love nothing more than to have their home painted. I definitely wish I could make this happen for her.”


The Project

After hearing their story, Arizona Painting Company knew that Bill and Shannon were the perfect candidates for this year’s east valley Paint It Forward campaign! We were super excited to be able to give back to this family that has made such a huge impact on their friends, family, and community!




We Thank the Communities We Serve!

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve communities throughout Phoenix and Tucson each year. We would not be where we are today without our loyal customers, your kind words, and your willingness to help us continue to give back. With your help, we will continue to give back in any way we can to bring hope, positivity, and meaningful change with Paint It Forward.


Arizona Painting Company