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10 Paint Touch Ups That Can Help Sell Your Home

Extensive renovations and improvements are incredibly expensive. However, if you are planning to sell your home, there is a much less expensive option for giving your home a makeover.

Painting a home before you start receiving viewings has been proven to greatly increase the value of a property. Potential buyers want to see a home that is well maintained and won’t require too much work. A fresh coat of paint brightens up a home and entices buyers to make an offer.

If you do decide to paint your home before putting it on the market, it is important to have a plan in place. If your home is marketed effectively, you will receive a large number of viewings from people from all walks of life. If you go overboard with your painting project, you could end up alienating many of those potential buyers. At the Arizona Painting Company, we recommend these 10 paint touch-ups to increase the perceived value of your home.

Ten Top Painting Tips for Selling Your Home

  1. The exterior of your home – or “curb appeal” as it is known in the real estate world – should be your priority. You want the outside of your property to entice potential buyers and create a great first impression of your home. When potential buyers have a good impression before they enter your home, selling becomes a much easier task.
  2. Once buyers enter your home, they will begin to imagine hosting family and friends. This stage of the journey begins in the entry. You want your prospective buyers to feel that your entryway is inviting. We recommending touching up your paintwork, preferably with neutral colors that will maximize the potential for sale.
  3. The kitchen and bathroom are considered the heart of the home by the majority of homeowners. While prospective buyers will most certainly scrutinize every aspect of your home, these two rooms can make or break a sale. A mix of traditional and contemporary colors will increase the appeal of your kitchen and bathroom, making your home more attractive to prospective buyers.
  4. If your kitchen is small, you may want to consider painting it in light colors. By using lighter colors, you can increase the perceived size of the kitchen space. Make sure that your kitchen worktops, appliances, walls and floors are clean and free of stains. You want your kitchen to sparkle and shine when potential buyers start flooding in.
  5. The view of the outside from inside a home is just as important as curb appeal to prospective clients. Don’t be surprised if many potential buyers decide to admire the view from each room. If a potential buyer stops and leans on a windowsill to look outside, you do not want them to come away with a hand covered in dirt and grime. Make sure that every windowsill is primed and painted. You will also need to sand windowsills where needed.
  6. Buyers search for every little imperfection when viewing a home. Woodwork is one element in a home that can turn buyers off for the most trivial reasons. Make sure to pay close attention to your woodwork and correct any defects such as chipped paint. Pristine woodwork increases the appeal of a home because prospective buyers know they won’t have much work to do when they move in.
  7. Areas of your home that receive the most footfall will require special attention when it comes to paintwork. Dirty hands and the natural oils in our skin are notorious for causing smudged paintwork in commonly used rooms. Touch up your door frames, window frames, around electric sockets and switches, and any other areas that make a house a home.
  8. The same principle applies to any cabinet doors as they will certainly attract attention from potential buyers when they view your home. Grubby fingerprints on your cabinet doors are not an attractive look. Make sure that cabinets are washed down and touch up with paint if it is needed. If you don’t, your cabinets will stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise pristine room.
  9. Your ceilings are vulnerable to staining from smoking, steam, grease and other pollutants that enter the home. The Arizona sun is also responsible for a large amount of the damage that ceiling paintwork suffers. A dirty or faded ceiling suffocates a room, so give your ceilings a fresh coat of paint to bring some life back to your rooms.
  10. Go over every inch of your paintwork looking for defects. It is a good idea to bring in friends or family to help identify imperfections. Homeowners are often biased in their own homes and fail to see defects that a prospective buyer will instantly notice. At the Arizona Painting Company, we take great pride in ensuring paintwork is perfect. For more advice on touch-ups to help you sell your home, call the Arizona Painting Company today.
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