Specialty Painting Services

You don’t have to be Michelangelo to change the color of your living room, but if you want something besides a traditional paint job, you may want to turn to one of the pros to get the job done right. Just painting your walls a new color can be an exhausting and even frustrating process. Experimenting with stencils, murals, and other complicated designs may lead to wasted money and unfinished projects.

Many professional painters have years, and even decades, of experience behind the brush, and are trained in not only traditional house painting, but also specialized painting services.

Before You Hire, Have an Idea

Before you decide to hire a professional for a specialized painting service, consider carefully what you want and what room you would like it in. A specialized painting service needs to be well thought out and should balance well with the rest of the home. You also want to think about resale value. Are you planning on moving in the next few years? While you may love your new mural or stenciling on your wall, the next homeowner may want it covered up, once they move in. A specialized painting project could actually decrease the value of your house. Buyers typically want to see a neutral paint job throughout the house when perusing the market.

Think carefully about how much of an investment your vision is going to be and how long you will be there to enjoy it. Finally, be ready with a photograph, a sketch, or a very descriptive idea for your painter. This will make their job easier and make for less guesswork. The more clearly you convey your vision to the professional you choose, the more likely you will love the finished product.

Murals or Decorative Painting

Want to put a special touch on your home but don’t have a lick of artistic ability? Hiring a professional painter to draft and paint a mural for you is a great way to put a unique stamp on your home. Murals are great for entryways, nurseries, children’s rooms, and family rooms. Hanging a piece of artwork is great, but having one incorporated into your home’s surface is a wonderful conversation piece. It is a way to ensure that it will last for years, possibly generations. The possibilities for your perfect mural are endless. They are limited only by your imagination.

Stenciling Designs on a Wall

Hate the idea of a boring, blank wall, but don’t want to make the jump to wallpaper? Stenciling might be a happy medium for your interior. Choose a design you love, and collaborate with your professional painter on a color scheme that would work well with the room. Try a simple chevron pattern or think about a colorful and lively damask pattern. Simple polka dots would make for a fresh pop of color in a kid’s bedroom, and sweet pastel stripes would look adorable in a nursery. Half-baths are a great palette for stenciling because they’re typically small and are a great place to experiment with color and pattern.

Other Specialty Painting Services

If you’re looking for really unique painting services, consider experimenting with optical illusions on your walls, such as wood graining, crackling, or trompe l’oeil. Wood graining is a painting process that makes your walls have the look of real wood. Though wood paneling is having a bit of a comeback, it’s a lot to commit to, and it can be environmentally detrimental, not to mention it can have a serious price tag.

Crackling is the painting process that makes a wall appear as though it is weathered and antique. The crackling process is done with a chemical, and it gives the appearance of an old Paris apartment, without the high price tag or waiting hundreds of years for it to weather naturally.

Another popular specialty painting service is trompe l’oeil, which is painting that gives the appearance of a three-dimensional object. This style of painting is mostly seen in a theater, but it can easily be incorporated into the rooms of theatrically-minded homeowners to give off a Tuscan or Shakespearean vibe. These optical illusions can give the appearance of latticework, windows, pillars, or doorways.

Need help figuring out what specialty painting service your home needs? Call on the services of Arizona Painting Company. Our professionals will help you take your vision for your home and turn it into a reality. Reliable, experienced, and efficient, our painters have all of the skills necessary to make sure the job is completed to your specifications. For more information on specialty painting services, or about any of our other painting services, please reach out to us today. We look forward to helping you freshen up your home or business.

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