Whether you have a small office with only a few employees or an entire building full of people striving to meet company goals, the environment and style can impact both your employees and your brand. Stark white walls, the norm in office culture for many years, are practical but do not differentiate your business. Set a different tone for your company with a conscious choice of wall color for your office.

Create an Enjoyable Workplace

More emphasis is now put on creating a workplace culture that improves the environment for employees. Incorporating a style that makes employees feel welcome and comfortable is encouraged. One of the ways to do this is by adding color and innovative design to your office. While changing the walls from white to blue may seem simple, it can be part of an overall workplace culture change that embodies a philosophy of engagement.

Did you know that color impacts mood? When creating a workplace where you want employees to feel motivated, creative or energetic, you can use color to foster these traits. Creating the right mood for your business can impact your employees, especially when it is used in tandem with other efforts to improve the workplace. Consider these color traits when picking a shade for the different rooms in your office:

  • Red. Want to get the blood pumping? Red is known for being invigorating, a good choice for active areas. While a completely red room may be a little much, adding a touch of red can have a stimulating effect.
  • Blue. Need to facilitate concentration and attention to detail? Blue may be the best color for these areas, offering a calming and comforting impact. It is also perfect for lunchrooms and areas for employees to relax.
  • Green. Like blue, green is found in nature and can have a calming impact. Different shades can have various impacts, with light shades more upbeat and darker greens more somber.
  • Yellow or Orange. Do you have an idea room? Then make it yellow or orange to foster those creative thoughts. These colors stimulate positivity and energy, perfect for those brainstorming sessions.
  • White. When it comes to the office environment, white is sterile and boring. It is cold and clinical, which does not bode well if you are trying to create a warm, inviting environment.

Using color can help make your office a more welcoming place for your employees. When employees are happier, they are more productive, which is what most business owners want from their staff.

Represent Your Brand

The color of your office does not just impact your employees; it represents your brand to anyone who walks through your doors. What does your current office décor say about your brand and business? Plain white walls lack creativity and energy, but colors that are too wild may not match your style or target audience. What you need are colors that represent your brand and create the vibe you want others to feel when they think about your business.

    • Modern or contemporary styles. If you want your brand to come across as modern or cutting-edge, the sky’s the limit on colors. Go bright, go bold. Show that you are not afraid to take risks, even when it comes to your color scheme.
    • Classic or elegant. For serious enterprises that want to create a classic, elegant or sophisticated atmosphere, more subdued tones may be warranted. A striking gray for the conference room or rich, natural hues for the reception area can create the effect you desire.
    • Innovative and youthful. Bright and light colors are energetic and speak to youth and vitality. If your target audience for your business is young people, speak their language and stay away from the neutral or basic options.

The colors in your office can say so much about your business and brand. If you have white walls, you are saying more than you know and you may not like the conversation. Creating an image for your company that will make a lasting impression is important. Find the best colors and design for your office to match the message you want others to take away with them after they visit your business.

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