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Removing Old Wallpaper

Paint can quickly breathe life into your home. Things looking a little boring or outdated? Reconsider your wallpaper. Although it can be a paint to think about changing out your wallpaper, it might be time to rethink your space bring back more depth and color. However, removing old wallpaper can be messy, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. When undertaking any home project, you want to make it as simple and painless as possible without sacrificing the quality of your finished project! A friendly FYI: this project is going to require some elbow grease. We have some tips and shortcuts to help you remove your old wallpaper quickly and easily.

Grab your Tools

Prepping your Walls

To begin, inspect your wallpaper. Start by taping down the edges of your floorboards, ceiling, and any electrical outlets to protect them through the process. If you notice any trapped bubbles, flaking, or lifted edges, take care of them now. If it is beyond repair, you may have to consider a full removal. If you notice your wallpaper is still in great shape, often, you can get away with painting right over it. Use a razor blade to cut out any minor bubbles. Then, sand the seams, glue down lifted edges, and spackle over sections to blend any creases you may find. Always make sure to prime your walls with a quality primer. In order to prevent any lift underneath your paint in the future, this will help to ensure that the old wallpaper is well-sealed. Now, we can let the fun begin!

The Removal

So, you did a great job at inspecting your walls, but have decided that the 70’s flower block patterned paper is just irreparable. Grab your scoring tool. As you drag it across your wall, it will leave small perforations to make your soaking process work even better. Next, soak the wallpaper with hot water. Tip #1: use a compression sprayer. It will cut your removal time significantly. Dampening the wallpaper loosens the glue that lies underneath. This makes it more forgiving to peel back. Tip #2:  Mix water and fabric softener. The aromatic solution will do even more to help soften up your old wallpaper, making peeling your wallpaper as easy as possible. Grab your paint scraper and gently begin lifting the paper away from the wall. Be sure to peel off any residual glue or paper left behind. If you notice a lot of pieces left behind, give the more stubborn pieces attention by repeating the soaking process with soap instead of fabric softener. Give your drywall sufficient time to dry completely, as this will be the most time-consuming step in your removal.

The Finished Project

Finally, we recommend using an oil-based primer for your painting project. You have already prepped and primed, now it is time to paint! Updating your home decor is exciting, and if done properly you will be proud to enjoy it for years to come. If you get discouraged with your project, give us a call. We are happy to help you bring your vision to life!

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