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Reasons to Use a Color Consultant for a Paint Project

This is crucial to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Poor planning often leads to poor results. One of the major concerns in planning a big project like this is deciding the colors that will be used. Whether interior or exterior, ideally you will get it right on the first try. Hiring a color consultant is a wise move if only for the guidance he or she can provide you. Your consultant will also make suggestions some of which you may not have even considered but may have an impact on your choices.

A Color Consultant Knows What Colors Can Do

You would be surprised to know how powerful colors can be. They can work subtly affecting your mood, your energy level and emotions. Thinking of painting the kitchen red? Prepare for conflict, and healthy appetites! A color consultant can advise you on how to use assorted colors in the various rooms to promote wellbeing.

Harmony and Elegance

You can choose a base color and a color for the trim and in your head, it works fine but once it’s up, you may find that you don’t like the combination; it isn’t working for you but you aren’t sure why. A color consultant knows what colors will produce harmonious combinations. The consultant can also show you how certain combinations can give off a feeling of excitement, calm, or other emotion. Some color combinations only give you a sense of ho-hum while others, using the same base color but a different trim can make the room come alive. Still, a different combination can give a sense of stoic elegance. Your color consultant works with you to achieve the look you want for each room.

Don’t Waste Precious Time

Deciding to paint a room or rooms can take up a lot of time – and that’s just time deciding on what colors to use. Colors change according to the light in the room at any given time of day. A color that you may love in the morning light may not be so great in the afternoon sun and vice versa.

Maybe you have furniture in the room that you are taking into consideration as you pore over the color swatches trying to decide what will work best with that color wood or this design in the fabric of the couch. You may be spending hours on Pinterest boards hoping to get some ideas about the color combinations you want to use.

No matter how you cut it, it’s a rare person who can look at a room and quickly decide what the right color combinations are going to be for giving the room a makeover. For the average person, it’s a daunting undertaking. However, a color consultant has experience with all types of rooms, color combinations and lighting issues. He or she can point you in the right direction narrowing down your choices with little effort and saving you hours of wondering what colors to choose. You’ll also lose the frustration that comes with making those decisions. Paint costs money and sometimes it can be quite expensive. You don’t want to take a chance on buying the wrong color.

Save Money with a Color Consultant

Just by saving time, you also save money; however, you also save money when you hire a color consultant because that person can cut down on the paint samples you may be purchasing. Hopefully, you haven’t gone the route of hiring a painter or painting the room yourself only to find that the color is not what you thought it would be. Many people waste time and money on the wrong paint color and they don’t realize it until too late.

Your color consultant can help with paint and furniture colors. The result will be a room that looks good and feels good. You’ll avoid making expensive mistakes when you have the professional help a color consultant brings to the project.

Trends and Classics

Decorating trends change throughout the years. Your color consultant can help you decide if you are going to go with the current decorating trends or if you are going to stay with the more classic colors. If you plan on putting your home up for sale, it’s even more important to have someone on board who knows what’s helping homes to sell and which colors seem to keep homes languishing in the market.

Coming to an Agreement

If you are having trouble agreeing on the colors, a color consultant can help settle the matter. The expertise a consultant brings to the project can be of immense help when there are disputes about what will look best in a room.

We are all about helping people find the best color schemes for their homes at Arizona Painting Company. If you are ready to start a paint project at your home or business, give us a call. We can help make the job easier and you’ll love the finished look. Contact us today to schedule a consultation date.

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