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Places to Paint Before Selling

Getting your house market-ready can be a challenging and costly endeavor. However, putting your best foot forward comes with being aware of some changes to get your home looking beautiful and get buyers come knocking o your door. An easy way to increase home value and curb appeal is with some easy paint jobs. This may seem obvious, however, there are specific places that a new paint job can make the difference between selling and staying on the market too long.

Painting is Cost-effective

Unlike redoing the entire kitchen, a simple paint job won’t break the bank nor put you farther behind for selling. A paint job can be easy and still have a professional and clean outcome. The best way to create an easy boost for selling is a simple paint job, let us handle this with a professional, clean, and well-done job from Arizona Painting Company.

Front Door

The front door is an easy way to add a pop of color to your house. A simple poop of color can lead buyers to notice your home and the aesthetic. Some fun colors or doors depends o the color of your house as a whole. It can be complementary and look clean and matched. Or you can add a pop of right yellow, blue, or even red. The possibilities are endless and depend n your preference and style.

Small Fixes

The details are just as important in your home. This includes painting the mailbox, address numbers, and even smaller spaces like behind the toilet. Mailboxes can also be an opportunity to add your won special project. Painting something eye-catching that would still please the everyday buyer is important. Also having your bold address number at the forefront of your home is important for buyers knowing the address to look up and your home continues to stand out. For smaller crevices, it shows detail-oriented sellers.

Consider painting other small places with bright and bold colors to bring some interest. When staging a home, you can paint the along canvas edges to bold the photos. Or even along window trims with fun eye-catching colors. This is also fun to include in staged furniture, like bookcases, or dressers can have a pop of color or even an accent of design. This can be a way to show the buyer the possibilities of how they can customize you’re the home themselves.

Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

The kitchen can be one of the most important spaces to impress guests, and one of the best places to paint before selling. This is where they will gather and make meals, spending time together. This is one of the most looked at spaces for buyers and a run-down, outdated kitchen will not go far as market potential. A kitchen should be clean and sleek, with the paint complimenting and enhancing the space. Many designers consider these colors as the best for painting kitchens.

Bathroom Cabinets and Walls

Paint can be a great way to bring some fresh new details to a space. It’s important to consider which colors are best for trying to add space or to even cover up imperfections. Bathrooms are a space that is often overlooked; however, homeowners constantly invest in remodeling bathrooms every year. Also, many potential buyers look at bathrooms fairly closely.

Create an Accent Wall

Another fun addition to any space before selling could add an accent wall. This is one of the great places to paint to customize the space. Be mindful of going to “wild” in order to make sure that you still appeal to the everyday buyer. A fun accent wall can still add a spot of creativity and give the buyer a glimpse into how they can customize the space themselves, and how unique an accent wall can be.



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