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Phoenix House Painting Project

This home was a color match of the previous color but they were so faded that it looked completely different when it was done!

The color selections were as follows:

Body and Garage Door: Frazee “Rockbridge 8703”

Upper Trim/Shutters: Frazee “Badlands 8856”

Popouts: Frazee “Muddy River 8674”


This painting project took approximately 3 days to complete from start to finish. We began by prepping the home with a good powerwash, scraping back the rocks near the foundation and sealing it with a waterproofing called DRY-LOCK. This home had several hairline cracks in the stucco so we repaired them with an elastomeric stucco patch so they would properly blend. The home looked like a zebra after the prepping day because there were so many! This patch does a great job of blending and you cannot even see them now that the house is painted.

We continued the prepping with repairs on the patio ceiling where there was peeling and cracking. We retaped a few drywall seams, and textured them to blend in properly. Mike and Luis made sure to mask off the nice brick pavers so nothing would get stained or sprayed with overspray. We spent the rest of the first day and next morning caulking, masking and getting ready to paint.

The final step is always the fun part, painting the house! This house was unique because of the finish coat we used. The homeowner elected to go with the best paint coating available on the market, called Sherwin Williams Duration. When we use this product as part of our “Gold Package” we will warranty the paint job for a full 10 years! Duration has been developed with the latest advances in acrylic technology and is such a high quality coating that it covers at nearly 2x the average paint.

On the third day we completed the work, cleaned up our plastic, and performed a final inspection with the homeowner.  What a nice review, 5 stars on all aspects!  We are a company that strives for perfection and getting these reviews is an important part of this.  We read each and every one of them and use them to improve our systems and processes to always make the next job better for our clients.  If you are in need of any interior or exterior painting, please call us in Phoenix at 602-648-3071 or in Tucson at 520-284-1792.

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