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Paint Trends of 2017

Looking for some fresh ideas for your home’s exterior or interior? There are some exciting paint trends on the horizon for the coming year. You’ll be sure to find a scintillating selection that will rejuvenate your home in just the right tone to suit your taste. Choose from warm, soothing hues to cool, refreshing shades. Whatever tone you wish to set for your Arizona home in the new year, there’s a look especially for your palate, and you’ll find it here at Arizona Painting Company.

Fresh, Breezy Shades

A popular theme for 2017 will be a move toward exterior hues that will give your home a clean, fresh look. Soft, dreamy shades of blue, from powder blue to Capri, add a satisfying blend of romance and nature to the home.

Sage and yellow-green combinations are expected to be in vogue, as homeowners seek a refreshing yet soothing sanctuary from the ordinary. Native tones and earthy hues that will blur the lines between man and nature are sure to turn any Arizona home into a terrestrial retreat.

Young, Vibrant Tones

Think millennial and edgy. Splashes of contrasting, yet confident colors that make statement. Lively shades will invigorate your architecture, adding a youthful exuberance to the landscape. Blend it all with complementary flora for a stunning home portrait.

Rich shades will be combined with the bold and powerful simplicity of traditional grays in 2017, for homeowners wanting a look of modern tech with an energetic infusion of vibrant color.

Clean, Confident Colors

Post-WWII suburbia was an outgrowth of a generation filled with hope for the future. Its homes epitomized that confidence with the use of rich, audacious tones. Homes were adorned in bold, clean colors as affirmation of the American Dream. This coming year, homeowners will be reaffirming the verity of that hopeful spirit, with hues that resonate strength and simplicity.

Rustic reds such as spiced cider, with avocado green accents. Contemporary architecture dressed in amber, peppercorn and maple shades will renew that spirit of hope and self-assurance, as well as your Arizona home.


Desert landscape and clear blue skies provide a warm, rich backdrop for your Tucson or Phoenix area home. What better canvas for the portrait of your home exterior? Imaginative use of traditional tones and resonant hues are a definite trend for 2017. Sun-baked shades of tan, burlap and topaz will transform your home into a tribute to the land and history surrounding it.

Interior Motives

There’s much to choose from for your home interior in 2017. Trends for Arizona homes will range from glowing allure to glacial stimulation. Whether you desire warm and inviting ambiance or cool and invigorating environs, the possibilities are endless this coming year.

Earth tones will bring nature and nurture together in your home. Imagine a seamless blend of interior and exterior with natural shades of green, plum and wispy blues.

Wintry blues mix with snowy whites to give your interior space a breath of fresh Southwestern air.  Create an energizing counterbalance to the sweltering Arizona sun with a revitalizing blend of cool hues.

Your 2017 home interior color palette will continue to offer traditional grays that will see a resurgence in combination with lively accent colors like yellows and blues for a bold contrasting look.

Looking Ahead

The coming year will see a trend toward strong, confident color choices for your Arizona home, inside and outside. The horizons are as unlimited as the Southwestern skies, and are sure to offer an ideal way for you to accent your home. Take a holistic approach for a more spacious and transparent interior; use contrasting colors to add depth and a multi-faceted functionality to your space.

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