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Paint Luster 101

There are many things to consider before painting your home, and the sheen is a small and overlooked detail that can transform the finished product in your home. The gloss and sheen of the paint finish is the measure of how much light is reflected off a painted surface. That is why the visual and functional considerations of paint should be taken when thinking of how you want your final paint job to appear.

Factors to Consider

You should choose your sheen based on how much traffic the area in your home receives. For kitchens, the paint should be glossy or semi-glossy. For family rooms, the paint should have a satin finish. For the dining room, an eggshell finish. And for the bedroom, a flat or matte finish. Keep in mind that the different sheens are made with different formulas, allowing some to be easier to clean up stains and surface imperfections, while others are much more difficult.

In addition, the color of the paint that you are selecting is important because if the paint color is dark and rich, the sheen will be boosted, so selecting a flat or matte color may have a cleaner look. Most brands of paint come in several sheens, with both latex and oil-based paints being available Let’s figure out the difference between the sheen types.

Glossy Sheen

A glossy sheen has a brilliant and shiny appearance with a glass-like finish. The smoothest glossy finish can be achieved by applying multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat. Gloss and semigloss sheen are the most durable types of finish and hold up well in humid climates. While it is easy to clean, this finish does bring attention to flaws on the surface.

Semigloss Sheen

Semigloss sheen has a sleek and radiant appearance that is great for cabinets and trim, high-traffic areas, and high-moisture areas. Like glossy sheen, the best way to achieve a smooth finish is by applying multiple thin coats.

Satin Sheen

A satin sheen has a soft pearl-like appearance and is a good option for moderate to high traffic areas that have exposure to moisture like kitchen or bathrooms.

Eggshell Sheen

Eggshell sheen has a soft and velvety appearance and is a good choice for moderate traffic areas such as living rooms.

Flat Sheen

Flat sheen has a non-reflective finish that touches up nicely and hides minor surface imperfections. This sheen is ideal for low traffic areas, interior walls, and ceilings.

Matte Sheen

Matte sheen has a low luster and is durable, easy to clean, touches up well, and is great for low to moderate traffic areas like bedroom walls.

The Arizona Painting Company is here to help you plan your paint job, whichever sheen you choose. We believe in the exceptional customer service and integrity of our work. Our painting crews are 2-3 people, with one being an on-site foreman who oversees the project to ensure the standards are being met. After the work is complete the foreman performs a final inspection of the project so you can have the best final paint job. Schedule a painting quote today and pick out the perfect sheen for your home.

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