Paint Colors to Create A Soothing Bathroom

Whether it’s a quiet morning getting ready, a long shower after work or a bath to unwind, it’s this space most often used for clearing the head and sorting thoughts. If the steam just isn’t cutting it, your bathroom might need a fresh coat of paint, some different colors, or a full remodel. Most find green, blue, and gray to be soothing.

Relaxing Color Combinations

In choosing hues, consider a relaxing ambiance. In what setting do you feel the most at peace? Different shades of colors, lighting, and fixtures create different environments for your bathroom. Bright, vibrant colors are more tropical; muted colors and pastels are more natural; deeper, burnt colors are more intense. You can also add texture by layering or using different tools to apply the paint.

Nature’s Retreat

Espresso cabinets can be the perfect accent for lighter green walls. An earthy, stone sink basin would be a perfect accent for this nature-inspired color scheme. The colors of nature are never complete without natural sunlight to add warmth. A large window in your bath will allow subtle glow to your morning routine. This ambiance can carry the nature lover through the dull-gray of winter.

Seaside Relaxation

Seafoam blue is the perfect counterpoint to a large bathtub, especially if you situate it beneath a skylight. Your bathing ritual will simulate floating on your back in lapping water beneath a clear blue sky. Combined with a cream color, you will capture enough natural light to hint at clouds as you soak in those bubbles. Add to the seaside vibe with a wicker chair to curl up in and read as you dry, especially if you love those extra few minutes of privacy away from everyday stress.

Lush Lavender

Surround decadent, lush furnishings with a soft pastel lavender. A dark copper tub or sink basin can offer a strong metallic contrast. Incorporate a chandelier to your lighting to add shimmer and enhance your posh retreat. Leaded glass windowpanes to filter the daylight would complete this elegant theme.

Sleek and Modern

Lastly, we have something for those who prefer a more modern motif. A gray and white color scheme contrasted with a charcoal countertop can give that sleek city vibe. Modern styling and cool colors invite you to chill and collect your thoughts. Refresh yourself and step out ready to seize the day.

Additional Tips for Creating a Soothing Retreat

As you can see, it takes a little more than paint to touch up a bathroom and make it that cozy, homey space where you want to retreat. Lighting and fixtures go a long way toward improving the space. Natural light is usually the best option, but energy-saving light bulbs offer a similar effect, slowly brightening as you get ready. If you do not have windows in your bathroom, you might try framed pictures that match the ambiance you wish to achieve. Mirrors are another great way to make a small space seem more open and airy.

Décor Themes

Create a theme with your décor. A vase of seashells or water lilies can be a focal point to build your space around. Plants can bring the outside in. Try Norfolk pines or hanging terrariums. A little birch or driftwood you’ve found yourself can bring a wonderful memory to life and can be another focal point to inspire your décor.

Soothing Scents

Use candles and incense to steep yourself in romance. Essential oils offer a wealth of scents and can affect your mood as well. Their aromas can open and cleanse the pores, and several offer beneficial healing properties. Scents can have a powerful impact on your body and your state of mind. The combinations are endless.

Little Details

Replace your old linens and towels with new ones. Sounds easy, but this simple step spruces up your space in a heartbeat. Pick out a plush rug to step onto when you climb out of the tub and don’t forget a robe hook for your favorite bathrobe or wrap.

For more tips, or if you would like help with your bathroom makeover, give us a call. Our paint specialists would be happy to offer advice on color combinations to fit the mood you are trying to create in your bathroom retreat.

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