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How to Pick the Best Colors for Your Outdoor Space

You’ve finally decided to create an outdoor living space to extend your home into the great outdoors. Great decision! Having a dedicated place to gather with friends and family for a meal or a fire in the evening or just a great spot to curl up with a cold drink and a great book is about as good as it gets. You can increase your family’s living space by creating a spectacular outdoor “room” and get the most out of living in such a beautiful climate. When it comes time to paint, things can get a little scary in terms of the number of choices available. Here are some great ideas on how to pick the best colors for your space.

Try a Theme

One way to choose your outdoor color or colors is to pick a theme for how you want your outdoor space to feel. Do you love a nautical look? Blues and whites are the way to go. If you have an outdoor pool, this theme works well. Arabian Nights with silky curtains flowing? Blues, purples, pinks and yellows offer options that will work with those curtains, chaise lounges and oversized pillows. Of course, living in Arizona, the southwest theme is a given. In fact, many people who are not fortunate enough to live here decorate in this style because it is comfortable, relaxing, and looks fantastic.

A dark rust or red color, browns, a deep golden yellow, perhaps a deep blue, an avocado green and some neutrals are the typical combo of colors for that southwest look. For paint, choose one, and only one. Most of the southwestern palette contains neutral colors. Choose the green for relaxation or maybe the gold if you want to have a positive feel. By keeping the wood features of your outdoor space relatively neutral, you can add some eyepopping color with accessories like pillows, candles, comfy throws or even the dishes for meals. When your basic color scheme doesn’t overwhelm, it’s much easier to get the pulled-together, “gosh, you sure can decorate” look you desire.

Remember, a lot of your design elements and color are going to come straight from Mother Nature. Green plants, lawn, blue sky and bright yellow sunshine are all part of your “decor” when you have an outdoor space. Work with your yard, don’t try to outshine it.

Coordinate or Contrast?

You can certainly work with the color of your home’s exterior for your new outdoor space. You can’t go wrong by matching the color of the house and simply extending it straight to the patio and yard. Using another shade of the exterior house color is also an option. If you want the colors to match, it’s a good idea to speak to the contractor who originally finished the exterior of your house to get an exact match. The coordination looks organized, precise, and planned.

Another great way to choose the best color for your outdoor living space is to contrast with your house. If your house is light colored, like a pale yellow, a dark brown will look striking for your living area outside. If you have a home with dark red siding, think about blue or even green for your outside room.

Less Is More When It Comes to Outdoor Color

The best tip to bear in mind when painting your outdoor space is less is more. While you may think you need a lot of painted area or several different colors, the chances are you’ll do better with less. The beautiful outdoors is just that… Beautiful. Nature provides some incredible color and, here in the southwest, the desert combo is aesthetically pleasing. Just choose a main color and use it in different ways to carry it through the area.

Where to Add the Color

As you plan and design your outdoor space, think about the different ways you can add your chosen colors to the big picture without overdoing it. Obviously, if your space includes actual walls or a fence, your paint will be right at home. Sometimes, outdoor living areas are defined by pillars on the corners, which can be painted your main color.

Maybe your furniture is where the color will make its presence felt. Bold cushions on comfy rattan or sleek metal modern furniture can be the spot for your color. Accent with coordinating colors or with various shades of your main color choice.

Have fun when you design your outdoor living space. After all, you’re building it in order to enjoy it, right? Don’t let it intimidate you. Instead, let it inspire you. As you dream about what your little piece of paradise in the back yard looks like, take a moment to contact our paint experts at the Arizona Paint Company. We would be happy to dream with you and help you find the perfect colors for your outdoor space. Call us today or come in and take a look at a whole new world of color!

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