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Indoor Paint Trends Through the Decades

Indoor paint trends often reflect the changing culture and social outlook of the times, and our interior walls today look a lot different than they did in the 1960s. While the paint color and designs have shifted and changed many times in the past few decades, one thing remains the same: the desire to have a customizable interior space that fits our individual tastes. Here are a few colors that have remained on paint pallets, and some that molded to fit within the decade they existed in.

The 1950s: In the 1950s, the post-war boom was beginning, and the overall outlook of the country was looking up. The economy was roaring, new consumer goods became available, and a record number of babies were born. Homes became cheery and upbeat, with pastels becoming the norm, along with pink and turquoise appliance embellishments.

The 1960s: In the 1960s, (despite extreme political division) the era of peace and love was beginning. Colors in this era were bright, modern, and psychedelic with fun and outgoing patterns and prints. Paisley was popular, and so were mod graphics. Black and white also became statement colors in this time when paired with geometric patterns.

The 1970s: The 1970s was another decade of political controversy, but also a continuation of some of the colors of the 60s. Earth tones grew in popularity as the “earth movement” began and environmental activism took place. Colors like beige, rust, mustard yellow rose in popularity.

The 1980s: In the 1980s, changes were occurring from the previous tumultuous years, and optimism began to show through as an era of newness emerged. The colors in the 1980s were vibrant and bold, defined as “retro”. Bright shapes were often incorporated, along with contrasting colors layered together.

The 1990s: In the 1990s, for the first time in a long time in the United States, things were relatively peaceful. There was prosperity, new business, and entertainment. Tuscan and muted styles began on the west coast and made their way east in the United States, reflecting the calm and collected outlook. These colors included beige, rustic golds, terra cotta, and sage.

The 2000s: While the muted colors of the 1990s carried over into the 2000s – a time of emerging technologies and trends – a new light brown color became one of the most consistently popular colors, adeptly named “Latte”. Spa trends appeared in bedrooms and bathrooms which gave an air of relaxing coastal vacations with blue, aqua, and white hues.

2010-Today: The interior paint of today has lost its bright hue, and been replaced with toned-down grays, whites, or blacks. Stainless steel appliances populate kitchens, and interiors are mostly subdued by monochrome shades of gray.

What are the next indoor paint trends?

We can’t predict what the future will hold for us or our interior paint trends, but we can help you plan for today.  Arizona Painting Company offers color consulting services to match your unique style. Contact the Arizona Painting Company today to get a quote for your new paint job.

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