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How to Use the 2019 Color Trends in Your Home

A fresh and invigorating hue that is more muted than orange and warmer than pink, you can bet you are going to be seeing it everywhere in 2019.

To brighten up your house with the “it” color of the year, try painting your entryway coral for a cheerful welcome or use it to brighten up your bathroom.
Even though coral is on everyone’s mind in 2019, it isn’t the only fresh new color to hit the paint scene this year. There is a multitude of other colors that are going to be cropping up in home interiors everywhere this year.

Check out the list of 2019 color trends and our tips for how to incorporate them into your home.

Forest Green

If you remember the forest green from the 90s, you should know this isn’t the same. Think of it as an edgier version of nature that isn’t so on the nose but brings the same outdoor calming effects indoors.

This rich new twist on forest green will make any room in your house feel oh-so luxurious. Paired with white accessories, it’s a stunner.

Hazy Blues

Not quite blue, not quite purple, not quite gray—and yet, somehow, all of them. Make sense? Don’t worry, it will when you lay eyes on this calming, tranquil color.

These misty blues will not be afraid of being on any wall in your house, or even on your kitchen cabinets. Yes, it’s that subtle and versatile.

Happy Yellows and Oranges

Bold, bright happy colors like yellows and oranges are springing into 2019.

Working yellow or orange into your home should be a cinch if you already have muted blues or beiges. And who says you have to paint your walls yellow? A citrusy punch from a piece of furniture or accessory might give you the shot of happiness you are looking for in your home.


For a minimalist, warm, and inviting feel, folks are turning to soft muted tones in their homes. While off-cream is without question a neutral, it also provides some bolder undertones.

Off-cream is a color you can easily apply to large areas of your home and play up or down with your décor and lighting.


This year’s terracotta is an earthy, natural, southwest kind of hue. A contemporary twist on brown and beige, terracotta is elegant and subdued.

Terracotta can give a warm richness to accent walls, backsplashes, or any feature in your home you want to try this cool clay color on.

Electric Citrus

Extreme colors are the prediction for 2019. So, beyond the happy yellow, the electric citrus tones include lime green, juicy orange, and bright yellow.
With these hues, just have fun. Maybe you paint your office a bright orange for inspiration, or your bathroom, or bright green for a morning pick-me-up.

Pairing these stimulating hues with subtle grays and other contrasting citrus tones will pull your whole room together.

Blush Pink

A wink and a nod to the millennial pink trend that isn’t going away, brands are introducing softer, more neutral rosy pink tones that speak to all generations.

With this sophisticated blush tone, you can think outside the girls’ bedroom and use it to add a touch of elegance to your dining room—or even your ceiling.

Jewel Tones

Think ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and emerald. The jewel tones of 2019 pack a punch against the grays and beiges that have been dominating the home front.

And don’t be shy when working them into your décor. These rich paint colors work well on cabinets, walls, and furniture.

Not Quite White

The purists who crave simplicity, but don’t want stark all-white walls, are in for a treat. These fool-proof tones of white are, well, not quite white.

Think of these as the tones of white that play well with other colors and provide a pleasing palette on which to layer your décor and play up the undertones with lighting.


Oh, gray. We couldn’t forget about you. The go-to wall color for quite some time now, some folks are asking if gray is gone. Nope. But the days of painting every wall a flat tone of gray may be a memory. Today’s grays infuse a hint of color, like lilac-gray.

This shade of gray warms up any room in the house, giving a modern, yet classic look.

Painting the walls in your home is one of the least expensive ways to give it a fresh, updated look. If you are ready to get started, contact us at Arizona Painting Company for a color consultation. Our team will help you choose which colors of 2019 are right for your home.

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