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How to Properly Clean your Painted Walls

As with all home maintenance, there is a right and wrong way to look after paintwork. If you put your time and energy to good use, repainting is not something you will have to worry about as often.

Paint Type and Care Needs

When you want to create a particular effect or meet the needs of a room, you choose a specific type of paint. Each type of paint, therefore, requires a different approach to maintenance. Semi-gloss or enamel paint is much easier to clean quickly, which is one of the reasons these finishes are used in areas that are prone to heavy wear.

Satin, flat and eggshell latex paint is not so forgiving and you will damage the paintwork if you clean it regularly or scrub too hard. If you can get away with it, avoid cleaning these types of painted surfaces more than once a year. The alternative is paying to repaint just as often.

Dust Walls First

You may end up doing more harm than good if you do not prepare your painted walls for cleaning. Any surface dust may end up adding to the engrained layer of dirt that is making paintwork appear dull. Use a duster or microfiber cloth to remove dust and other debris that can stick to the surface of walls over time. Once you have removed the top layer of grime, cleaning will prove much more effective.

Protect your Floors

In the great circle of painting life, all things return to their beginnings. In other words, it is time to get the dust sheets out to protect your floors and furniture again. You don’t want to worry about damaging floors, furniture or other household items when washing paintwork. Take the time to cover everything so you can work safely in the knowledge that there is no risk of anything getting covered in dirty water.

Mild Cleaners

There isn’t really much to remember here, except keep your cleaners mild wherever possible. Dish soap will suffice in the large majority of cases. However, you may have to use something a little stronger when it comes to shifting stubborn stains. Ammonia, vinegar or baking soda diluted in water will work for most hard-to-remove stains, but there are safety precautions to follow in the case of the former.

Never mix ammonia with bleach unless you want to destroy your paintwork. As a general rule, you should simply avoid using bleach to clean paint altogether. You should also ensure that your home is well ventilated during and after cleaning to get rid of the smell. Avoid the use of coarse scrubbing brushes to remove stains on paintwork, too. You may eventually manage to shift the stain but the paint will likely go with it.

Dry the Walls

There is no point washing your walls if you intend on allowing them to dry naturally. At the very least, you will end up with water stains. Once dried, these are all but impossible to remove, so take the time to towel-dry each section of the wall as you finish cleaning.

If all else fails, you may need to resign yourself to the fact that a new coat of paint is the only way to revitalize your walls. Hiring a professional painting company to do the job right will help ensure that your paintwork doesn’t need retouching for many years to come. The Arizona Painting Company can provide the highest quality in affordable painting services.

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