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Easy Exterior Painting Tips to Prepare to Sell Your Home

Moving into a new home can be one of the most exciting and stressful experiences of your life. The endless possibilities and newness of your next home are exciting but transitioning from your current home to your next can be overwhelming to the say the least. Selling your current home in order to afford and move into your next home is a part of the moving process and there is a lot to do in order to achieve this.

Prior to selling, you will want to repair and improve your home so it sells quickly as opposed to sitting on the market for who knows how long. Improvements can be made internally and externally but experts agree that one of the fastest and easiest ways to make your home easier to sell is by painting the exterior. Painting the exterior of your home changes everything. It can take a dull, outdated looking home and transform it into a modern, aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. It will also create a “wow” factor for anyone the second they arrive for an open house. The exterior is the first thing people see when they arrive on your property. If a home is beautiful on the outside then potential buyers will take the time to see the interior.

Best Colors to Paint Your Exterior

When it comes to painting, the biggest decision is what color to go with. There are definitely colors to consider and colors to avoid if you want your home’s exterior to look its best. Gray or greige is a great color to consider when painting your exterior. This color is both a trend and a classic. The color gray is classified as a neutral tone that has a sophisticated, modern effect. It will contrast nicely with other colors on the home and complement the landscape. This color is sure to boost the perceived value of your home and have buyers beating down your door.

Another great color to go with is blue. Blue may seem like it would be a better color for the interior rather than your home’s exterior, but that couldn’t be more untrue. Blue is a calming color that complements other colors naturally. However, there are many shades of blue and there are definitely extremes on the blue spectrum. A sky blue differs drastically from a navy blue. Choosing the right blue is key in pulling this off. If you go too bright then your home will stick out for the wrong reasons and look childish but if you go too light, then your house will look faded and odd. If you find the right shade, blue will make your house stand out and look amazing.

If you want your home to have that crisp, clean look, then painting it white may be the best choice. Painting your home’s exterior white or even off white paired with a well-painted exterior trim can revolutionize your home. This will renew your home’s look and make it look fresh, clean, and new. White is also very easy to pull off so if you are hesitant to go gray or blue, white is a safe bet. The other features of your home will also pop more if you choose this color choice. The eyes will naturally be drawn to shutters, doors, windows, and landscaping which will make your home look more valuable.

Worst Colors to Paint Your Exterior

Everyone has preferences when it comes to color choice and the more unique homes can pull off bold colors but that will be more of an acquired taste for a unique buyer. When selling your home, you want to appeal to more people than less. This means that going with the more mainstream color choices mentioned above is safer and more likely to help you sell your home. You will also want to avoid certain colors that will make your home look less valuable and discourage potential buyers.

The following colors have been statistically found to decrease the chances of selling:

These colors should be avoided when painting the exterior of your home in order to sell as they have been proven to dramatically reduce your chances of selling. Red is a color that only looks good in certain contexts. When a home is red, it turns potential buyers off and triggers them. They will be less likely to by the home because red is an intense color and they won’t be able to imagine the house in any other color because of the strong impression red makes. Brown will also discourage a potential buyer because it makes your home look run down. Brown is also a hard color to get right and more often than not it is done wrong. Similar to brown, yellow does not resonate with potential buyers either. Bright yellow makes a strong first impression and pale yellow just looks outdated. Yellow can also look quirky and does not appeal to a large portion of the population.

We Can Help You Sell

The bottom line is that painting or repainting the exterior of your home can greatly contribute to how fast you sell your home and how close you come to your asking price. At the Arizona Painting Company, we can help make your home look more valuable and have it flying off the market. Our color consultants and expert painters know how to select the perfect color and make your home look beautiful. Contact us today!

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