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Colors to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are not just a practical element in the room; they also act as a focal point and give the room much of its character. Painting your kitchen cabinets can dramatically change the room and save you considerably on the cost of installing a new kitchen.

When looking at your kitchen cabinets, do you find it difficult to envision a new color scheme? If so, you are not alone. There are homeowners all over Arizona who know they want a change but can’t see the colors for the cabinets, so to speak. Kitchen cabinets that are painted uniformly can blind you to all other possible palette combinations. Fear not, however, because the Arizona Painting company is here to provide you with some much-needed inspiration.

Kitchen Cabinet Catch 22

The thing about kitchen cabinets is that, in most cases, we love them when they are first painted but the novelty can quickly wear off. Part of the reason that this happens more so in the kitchen than with other rooms is since cabinets are a major focal point. For instance, you may go days, weeks or even months without going near a sitting room feature but you will interact with your kitchen cabinets every day.

When a design element is a constant point of reference or gets frequent use, it becomes boring and dull to look at. This, unfortunately, is the fate of the humble kitchen cabinet which only exists to serve our food indulgences. Changing kitchen cabinets frequently isn’t an option for most homeowners, so repainting them is the most cost-effective method of breathing new life into a kitchen.

Themes & Style

The cabinets represent the perfect focal point to create a new theme or style in your kitchen. It helps to go into the project with a firm idea of what you want before considering which colors will work best. You may want to stick with the same style with a makeover or go in the completely opposite direction to transform the space. It is important, in all cases, that you take the other elements in the kitchen such as tiles and flooring into consideration when choosing a style.

Themed kitchens are a little more adventurous than simply adopting a style and choosing the colors to match. Examples of bold themes include pop art, undersea aquatic and futuristic. No matter the theme, color plays an essential part in delivering the desired result.

General Color Selection

You may have your heart set on a particular hue for your kitchen cabinets, but it may clash with other elements and colors in the space. It is particularly important to consider how your preferred colors will blend with appliances, tiles, worktops, floor, and ceiling. Rooms with a lot of color going on generally don’t match well with cabinets that are any other color than white or neutrals, for instance.

White Cabinet Choices

White isn’t always just white. You will find that there is an abundance of off-white shades that are perfect for giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh look. The wonderful thing about white as a kitchen cabinet color choice is that it is bright and fresh. The downside to white is that it is easier to see even the smallest speck of dirt and any damage to paintwork will stand out like a sore thumb. Alternatively, you can choose shades of grey or greige which match well with other colors and are much easier to keep clean.

Adventurous Color Schemes

Of course, there is no rule to say that you can’t get adventurous with the colors for kitchen cabinets. Pastel or butterfly yellow looks great for kitchen cabinets – especially in Arizona kitchens that get plenty of natural sunlight. Soft greens are relaxing colors that also work well for kitchen cabinets and can contrast well with both light and dark colors, depending on the style you wish to accomplish.

Dark Cabinet Colors

If you have a larger kitchen and wish to create a dramatic effect, consider opting for darker colors for kitchen cabinets. Some of the best choices include navy blue, black, cranberry red and emerald green. You can get away with darker kitchen cabinets in a smaller space so long as there is a contrast in the color schemes used on walls. White painted walls accented with the cabinet color will help balance outsize perception in the room.

For more color ideas that are specific to your home and kitchen cabinets, the Arizona Painting Company would like to lend a hand. Reach out to our team if you are planning on a kitchen painting project and need inspiration or services from your friendly local professional.


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