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Ceiling Paint Color Trends

When designing or painting walls, people often don’t consider the ceiling paint color in a room. Often, they will go in, paint four walls, and then leave the ceiling untouched. Not taking advantage of the creativity that a ceiling color can add is a missed opportunity for anyone looking to redesign a space. Your ceiling doesn’t have to stay the same old white color that’s been there for years! Here are some of the most popular upcoming ceiling paint color trends for 2021 that use all types of colors and combinations.

Celing paint color Lighter Than Walls

Sometimes all that a painted wall needs is a ceiling paint color that is tinted closely to the same color. This is a tip that not many people know about, but it can completely change the look of a room. If a dark or bold color is chosen to paint the walls, consider using a much lighter version of that color (ideally on the same color card) to paint the same room’s ceiling. Another way to do it is to take some of the wall’s paint color and drizzle a bit of it into a plain white can of paint.

Be aware though, trying to recreate this DIY color may be difficult, as it’s not officially on the store shelves. If the project is a one-time thing, then this won’t be a problem. If the idea is trying to be recreated elsewhere, then consider ditching the DIY color and using a lighter color on the color card instead. Either method will almost guarantee a coordinated look in your room.

Ceiling Paint Color Darker Than Walls

Painting a ceiling darker than the walls makes for a real statement. As mentioned before, ceilings often go unnoticed by those who aren’t trained in design. However, having a darker ceiling color than wall color will automatically call attention to the ceiling. This can help highlight the room’s architecture or even add to the personality and flair of the room. This style might work best in living rooms where there is more space to highlight and admire than in a bedroom.

Accent Style

This style is the complete opposite of the previously mentioned ideas, but it is trending just as much for the coming year. Accent style ceilings should focus on complimenting the room as the perfect fitting puzzle piece. The ceiling paint color shouldn’t be so different and intense that it takes away from everything else in a room. A good example can be found in the form of a deep black-colored ceiling. This color, along with cream-colored walls, provides a soft visual contrast. Neither color cancels out the other, and both serve as a backdrop for the room’s furniture.

A Style for You

Remember, the person who will using the room most is probably you or someone else who lives in your home. The way a room is set up can affect the work or study performance of a person. Find a balance of ceiling and wall color that allows the space to serve its best purpose. If the room is meant to rest in, find soothing colors that promote relaxing moods. If the room is intended to work and study in, find colors that promote and encourage focus and creativity. These colors can either contrast each other, coordinate with each other, or be total accent colors to each other.

If you feel that you may have trouble getting these color combinations together, contact us! Our painting professionals have extensive experience in helping people choose the best colors for their home.

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