With creative eyes and talented hands, our contractors turn present commercial properties into attractive spaces that help capture attention and bring in new business.

If you are looking for a top quality professional painting company to paint the interior of your business, then Arizona Painting Company is here to help. We are prepared to handle even the toughest or most sensitive jobs.

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Indoor Paint Trends Through the Decades

Indoor paint trends often reflect the changing culture and social outlook of the times, and our interior walls today look a lot different than they did in the 1960s. While the paint color and designs have shifted and changed many times in the past few decades,...
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sustainable home decor

Sustainable Decor and Why Your Home Needs It

As the 21st century lurches on, so does people’s interest in helping out and preserving the planet, including in their decor. The demand for sustainable initiatives and materials increases with every passing year.  While many might think of gardens, cleanup...
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home shelving

Tips for Styling Home Shelving

The interior styling of a home makes a serious statement on the whole home itself. When decorating a home, many focus on the color of the walls and the type of furniture that will accompany it. Those looking to take it a step further often throw the flooring i...
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Restoring Interior Walls

Restoring life to Interior Walls When thinking about giving a new life to a room, most people automatically assume that the room needs a new coat of paint. While a new color might sound nice, most overlook the possibility of giving the walls a good cleaning, a...
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What Color to Paint Your Bathroom

With trends changing with the seasons, it can be impossible to know just what direction to go with your new bathroom paint color. How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning? Set the mood for yourself! Want to feel like royalty? Or maybe you want t...
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5 Color Ideas for Painting an Exposed Ceiling

The walls, window frames, and even the floors get more attention. You can transform an exposed ceiling from an eyesore into a seamless integration of the space or even a statement piece with a little painting job. Before getting into the different color trends...
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Paint Colors to Boost Your Office’s Productivity

There are a variety of things you can do that increase the productivity of your team, some simple and easy, some technical and very expensive. One relatively easy but incredibly effective way to build a productive atmosphere is choosing the right color scheme....
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color commercial

Color Considerations Commercial

Not all companies are equipped to paint commercial buildings effectively. If you own or are starting a business in Phoenix or surrounding areas, choosing the right painting company will make all the difference. The Arizona Painting Company has the experience, ...
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Boost Productivity in Your Office

It is well-known that the colors we are surrounded by having an impact on our brain activity. Choosing the correct color for your office space is very important because it can impact productivity and mood. Color can bring forward emotions, trick the brain, and...
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