paint it forward2

2015 Paint It Forward Giveaway Winner

It all started when her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and could no longer work.  Kelly stepped up to the plate and took over all the household work,  the “honey do lists”, taking care of their 2 children… all while working over 50 hours a week!  It was hard but their family pushed through and tried to make the best of things, and for a few years it seemed OK.  Recently, they found out that her husbands cancer has unfortunately spread to his liver and he now must have a multi-organ transplant or he may not live.  This was devastating and unexpected news for them.  Their bills continue to grow due to medical costs and everyday items.  Earlier this year Kelly and her family got a requirement letter from her HOA stating that her house must be painted.  A cost they weren’t anticipating at all.  This put another large stress on their family since they have spent all their extra funds on trips to the hospital that is performing the organ transplant surgery.

“We received nearly 100 nominations for the 2015 Paint It Forward $5000 Giveaway! Our employees have voted and we’re proud to announce that the winner is Kelly from Litchfield Park! Kelly and her family are very deserving of this award and we can’t wait to start their paint job next month! It was a very difficult decision to choose a winner from all the nominations we received. We thank everyone out there for being part of this giveaway and for supporting this cause. Please check back to our Facebook page for before and after photos! Nominations for our 2nd Annual Paint It Forward Giveaway will start in January 2015!”

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