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Painting Brick Walls

And while some renovations (whether accent walls or murals) follow a simple painting formula, others require a little more painting how-to. But from chalk paint to the half painted wall, often times, unique wall textures can add even more to your overall look.

Today, our painters in Scottsdale will help you learn how to paint one of the most interesting surfaces around: the brick wall.

1. Wash & Inspect:

The first step to painting an indoor brick wall is to wash away any dirt and inspect the mortar. Because paint has trouble sticking to gritty or dirty surfaces, you’ll want to make sure that the brick is as smooth as possible and the mortar has no obvious imperfections.

2. Always Prime the first time:

One of the most important steps when it comes to painting your brick wall is to use a masonry-specific brand. Be sure to thoroughly coat your wall, spreading the paint as easily as you can. Start with one coat but depending on the roughness of the wall, consider using one to two more.

3. Attention to detail:

Once you’ve primed your walls and picked your color, begin applying your first coat with a large roller. As you go, be sure you take the time to fill in the gaps in the mortar with a smaller roller or brush. Apply at least one more coat before applying a finish. Depending on the room, consider selecting a higher gloss finish, the sheen tends to compliment the rougher look of the brick.

From fireplaces to accent walls, from archways to columns, giving a brick wall a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to brighten up and renovate a home!

Written by  Christina Arregoces

Arizona Painting Company