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How To: The Half Painted Wall

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your walls, open up your room, or make a bold and artistic statement, the half painted wall is the perfect way to grab your guests’ attention without having to spend all day over the paint bucket. Here is the TPCAZ way to paint a half painted wall:

1. Clean & Classic:

If your goal is to create a room with clean lines and symmetrical shades, painters tape will be your new best friend! Measure out how high you want your bottom shade to rise (the lower the level, the longer your walls will appear) and apply your painters tape across every wall you plan on painting. For a clean and classic look, don’t forget to take your time and be meticulous!

2. The Accent Wall:

Similar to a mural, an accent wall can be the perfect way to incorporate this fresh look without overwhelming the room. If you’re really looking for a muted effect, stick to a neutral shade: camel, heather grey, or a soft cocoa work best. Use your painters tape to create a clean line, but only extend it across a single wall. The end result will be striking, elegant, and anything but overwhelming.

3. Uneven & Artistic:

If you’re aiming for a bold new look, consider leaving the painters tape in the dust! To create an uneven (but professional looking) wall, make general markings to give you an idea of where the two-toned cutoff will be. From there, paint above and/or below the line, bringing whichever color you prefer onto the other using small and careful strokes. Though the idea of painting freehand may be a little intimidating at first, a half painted wall punctuated by short, choppy strokes can give any room instant personality!

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Written by  Christina Arregoces

Arizona Painting Company