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Arizona Painting Company Solar Panel and Window Cleaning

In scorching Arizona, solar panels are a reasonable option for efficient and responsible power. However, the panels can acquire dust and debris over time, even if you can’t see it. Consider factors such as how much rainfall your area receives if there are tall trees surrounding the panels, how high the pollen count is, and other issues, and why you need the Arizona Painting Company to assist in the cleaning process.


And for those tough tough-to-reach, high places besides panels, Arizona Painting Company offers a window cleaning service. Learn more about why you need to keep your solar panels and windows clean.


Don’t look through a dirty window

You may easily forget to clean your windows, as it seems like another mundane chore. However, there are many benefits to cleaning your windows.

  1. Clean windows prevent glass degradation, as hard water and acid rain can cause a buildup of debris on the windows and frames.
  2. Stop bad air quality. Dirt particles that build up on the windows and sill can cause mold particles, and other health hazards.
  3. Better heating and cooling efficiency. Excess dirt, grime, and particle buildup can impact the sun’s UV rays and impact your energy bills.


Keep your windows clean with the help of Arizona Painting Company, but also don’t forget about your solar panels. Solar panels have become increasingly popular for meeting home energy needs and by absorbing sunlight they create a current that’s converted to usable electricity. Don’t neglect their surface cleanliness, as you save more money by maintaining the most efficient use of the panels as possible.


Maintain efficiency with solar panel cleaning:

You want your solar panels to be as efficient as possible, so don’t let a buildup get in the way and prevent your panels from working properly. While a rainstorm may clean away the surface buildup, the environmental factors are often not enough to fully eliminate debris and dirt. Other debris that can stick to the surface are pollen, leaves, ash, haze, or bird droppings. Most of these require professional cleaning.


Does the rain help clean panels?

For areas without long periods of rain like Arizona, daily energy losses can be higher than 20%. A lack of rain results in dust buildup that progresses with the dry spell, but even in climates with normal rainfall, mostly surface dust is the only debris washed away. Previously mentioned debris like pollen, leaves, ash, haze, and bird droppings will remain on the panels.

Therefore, while rain may be somewhat helpful in cleaning solar panels, in dry climates like Arizona, rain is not an effective enough way to successfully clean your solar panels. Think of the situation in which it rains, and your car gets dirtier than it was before the storm. With a combination of pollutants, rain may end up collecting contaminants that make more of a mess.


Solar Panel Cleaning Process:



Overall, it’s cheaper, safer, and more efficient to call professional cleaners. Consider factors like a tall or steep roof, needing an adequate ladder, and having to purchase or find professional-grade cleaning tools. Call Arizona Painting Company for your window and solar panel cleaning needs!

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