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Attract Customers with These Painting Color Schemes

If you want to create an impact or attract more customers with your business premises or branding, consider how you use color schemes to make your statement.

Business Color Schemes

There are certain colors that have been exploited to great effect in business logos and branding. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean those colors will work for you.

First, you need to consider what your business means to you and your customers. What makes you different from the competition, and how can you express that with color? Selling the values of your business is an important part of marketing, as is the emotions you wish to evoke in potential customers.

How colors make people feel is one of the most basic principles of color psychology. If your company’s values are not reflected in the business color scheme, it can send mixed messages. When it comes to business premises, the same principle applies to interior color schemes. Do the colors help customers navigate your store, or are they left languishing in confusion?

To understand how color truly works to bind all the elements of a business together, it helps to look at how they impact human emotions.

Business Color Psychology

It is no good to simply choose colors that you like without any regard for how they will make your customers feel. The most successful brands in the world rely heavily on having the right color schemes in every aspect of the business, from the exteriors of buildings to the fine print on website copy.

The key, when it comes to color, is not overdoing it. You may have noticed that all the major brand logos consist of two or three main colors. This is a deliberate technique that is used, so a brand does not cause confusion through color psychology. It is also worthwhile to note that successful businesses are consistent in their branding and marketing across all areas and locations.

Now that you understand the basics, it is time to start seeing your business through color.


Red is a powerful color that is associated with high energy. For high-pressure sales or themes connected to love and romance, you may want to use red prominently in your branding.


If your business deals with evergreen themes that never go out of fashion, white is a good way to get that message across to customers. White is also associated with cleanliness and care, which is why it is used in a lot of branding connected to medicine.


Yellow is the color of happiness. Big Bird is yellow and everyone recognizes him as one of the happiest characters to ever grace our televisions. All joking aside, the color yellow creates a happy and feel-good vibe in a business. If you run a restaurant or flower boutiques, consider incorporating yellow throughout your color scheme where you can.


You have likely heard that green is the color of money. It is also the color of growth, which is another reason why green is classically associated with businesses that deal with finances. Companies that sell natural or health products understand the power of the color green. Pharmacies often use green in branding along with white for the perfect endorsement of health and well-being.


Business premises will often use blue somewhere in the color scheme because it is the color of trustworthiness. If you want your customers to see that you know what you are talking about, blue is one of the strongest colors to use in marketing materials to promote knowledge and ability. It is also the color of loyalty, so your customers will trust that you will never let them down.


For a color that screams with excitement, you can’t go wrong with orange. It is the color of travel and adventure, making it a popular choice with travel companies. Gyms are another type of business where customers go to find new beginnings, so orange is a favorite with fitness companies.

The Arizona Painting Company Psychology

At the Arizona Painting Company, our psychology involves helping business customers achieve the perfect color scheme to both attract and retain customers. Part of our success is in understanding what works for your business and the space you are working with. If you are starting a new business or would simply like to rebrand with a new color scheme, we can help.

Call the Arizona Painting Company today for a quote or to arrange a consultation. We proudly serve business customers in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. For a professional service that can help you attract the right customers, reach out to the Arizona Painting Company today.


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